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Season Journey Chapter III (Season 7)

Season Journey Chapter III complete Season 7Players who reach Chapter III in the Season Journey (for Season 7) have hit Level 70 and more than likely have started working on their Paragon Points.  Players start Chapter III with two of the set pieces offered by Haedrig’s Gift this Season.

I started Chapter III with three out of its ten objective already completed.  I had no idea what Chapter III required.  It’s possible to complete objectives for upcoming parts of the Season Journey just by playing the game and doing things you typically would do.

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Flight Rising, Other Video Games 2 comments on Flight Rising: Nature Egg Achievement

Flight Rising: Nature Egg Achievement

There are several Breeding Achievements in Flight Rising.  Some of them involve hatching dragons that have a specific gene.  The rest require players to obtain a certain type of Unhatched Egg.

Personally, I find it fun to see what kind of dragon comes out of the egg.  One thing is for certain – that dragon will have no parents.  This means the dragon can breed with any dragon in your Lair.

All of the artwork in this post is copyright of Flight Rising.

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Candy Crush Saga, Other Video Games 0 comments on Candy Crush Saga: Cupcake Circus

Candy Crush Saga: Cupcake Circus

Episode 13 of Candy Crush Saga is called Cupcake Circus.  There is a circus tent that has a cupcake at the very top of it.  There is no other reference to cupcakes in this Episode.

There is a clown who works at the circus.  The clown is balancing on a tightrope at the start of the Episode, explaining to the little girl character that the circus has run out of cotton candy.  She, as usual, offers to help him with that problem.

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Diablo III, Diablo Seasons 0 comments on Season Journey Chapter II (Season 7)

Season Journey Chapter II (Season 7)

Chapter 2 complete Season 7In Season 7, players needed to hit Level 35 before they could unlock Chapter II of the Season Journey.  It is possible to accidentally complete some objectives in upcoming Chapters without intending to.

An “Achievement Toast” will pop up whenever a player completes a Season Journey objective.  As always, some of the Chapter II objectives are the same as they were in Season 6, and some are new.

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Diablo III, Diablo Seasons 2 comments on Season Leveling Achievements

Season Leveling Achievements

Above and Beyond completed Season 7In addition to the Season Journey, there are also Season Achievements that players can work on.  Some of the easiest ones to get are what I call the “Leveling Achievements”.

You can find this batch of Achievements in your Season Achievement board under the section called “General”.  Players earn one of these Achievements starting when they hit Level 10 and ending when they hit Level 70.

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Diablo Achievements, Diablo III 0 comments on Heralds of the New Dawn

Heralds of the New Dawn

Heralds of the New Dawn Achievement complete (1)
Heralds of the New Dawn
is the third part in a series of Achievements.  Each part requires players to level up a certain number of characters to Level 60.   It doesn’t matter what class the characters are, or if they happen to be hardcore or softcore characters.  You can mix and match as you see fit.

This series of Achievements was part of the original Diablo III game when the highest level a character could reach was Level 60.  (The Reaper of Souls expansion gave players the ability to level to 70).

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Diablo III, Diablo Seasons 2 comments on How to Do Season Rebirth

How to Do Season Rebirth

Season RebirthSeason Rebirth first appeared in Diablo III right before Season 5.  It allowed players to take any of their non-seasonal characters and put them into a brand new season.

You can rebirth up to three non-seasonal characters in one season.  Previous to this, players had to create a new character each season.

Season Rebirth solves the problem of running out of character slots.  I used Season Rebirth in Season 7 for the first time.

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