Season Journey Chapter III complete Season 7Players who reach Chapter III in the Season Journey (for Season 7) have hit Level 70 and more than likely have started working on their Paragon Points.  Players start Chapter III with two of the set pieces offered by Haedrig’s Gift this Season.

I started Chapter III with three out of its ten objective already completed.  I had no idea what Chapter III required.  It’s possible to complete objectives for upcoming parts of the Season Journey just by playing the game and doing things you typically would do.

I completed my first two Chapter III objectives while I was still working on Chapter I.

Let's Get Started Season 7Let’s Get Started: Learn 5 Blacksmith Recipes.

Let's Get Started complete Season 7

Hey There Kadala Season 7Hey There Kadala: Spend Blood Shards at Kadala.  Kadala has a 10% chance to give you a Legendary.

Hey There Kadala Season 7

Sanctuarys Most Wanted Season 7Sanctuary’s Most Wanted: Complete all Act I through Act V bounties in a single game.

Sanctuary's Most Wanted complete Season 7

The Rock Season 7The Rock: Craft a Gem of Imperial or greater quality at the Jeweler.  Socketing an Emerald into your weapon increases your Critical Hit Damage, and is a big damage boost.

The Rock completed Season 7

Level I Seasonal Cubist Season 7Level I Seasonal Cubist: Extract a Legendary power using Kanai’s Cube.

Level I Seasonal Cubist complete Season 7

Master Season 7Master: Complete a Nephalem Rift on Master difficulty or higher.

Master completed Season 7

Change Clothes Season 7Change Clothes: Transmogrify an item at the Mystic.

Change Clothes completed Chapter 7

Leader of the Coven Season 7Leader of the Coven: Kill Maghda at level 70 on Master difficulty or higher.

Leader of the Coven completed Season 7

Eyes Season sevenEyes: Kill Belial at level 70 on Master difficulty or higher.

Eyes completed Season 7For the most part, I felt that the objectives in Chapter III were reasonably easy.  My Demon Hunter didn’t struggle to much with most of them.  I had one left to complete and it gave me trouble.

Just Look At You Season 7Just Look At You!: Learn 5 Jewelcrafting Recipes.

Just Look at You completed Season 7When I reached this point in Chapter III, I had a total of four Jewelcrafting recipes.  I couldn’t remember exactly where I got them, though.  So, I started experimenting.

I did not find any Jewelcrafting recipes in Nephalem Rifts.  The rewards for completing a Greater Rift did not give me what I needed, either.  My next guess was to finish 5 Bounties and hope that the last Jewelcrafting recipe I needed would be inside the Cache reward.

No such luck!

Bought Hellfire Ring Plan from SquirtSquirt turned out the have the solution to my problem.  I bought the Design: Hellfire Ring Jewelcrafting recipe from her.  It’s a bit expensive, but worth the money (because I didn’t have the patience to wait until a random Jewelcrafting recipe dropped for me).

Squirt can be found in Act II in the Hidden Camp.  She also sells the Design: Hellfire Amulet (which is another Jewelcrafting recipe).


Season Journey Chapter III complete Season 7

Second Reward item Haedrigs Gift Season 7Players who complete Chapter III of the Season Journey (in Season 7) receive the second Haedrig’s Gift.  It will contain two set pieces (depending on the class of the character that opens the Gift).

Haedrig’s Gift automatically goes into your in-game mail.  Take it out of there, and it appears in your Inventory (or bag).  Open it up, and two set pieces will appear on the ground in front of your character.  I’m playing a Demon Hunter in Season 7, so I got two more pieces of the Unhallowed Essence set.

Hell WalkersThe flavor text on the Hell Walkers Boots says: “Hell is a state of mind.”  – Kovan the Merciless.

Unsanctified ShouldersThe flavor text on the Unsanctified Shoulders says: “A demon hunter who fully tempers their hatred with discipline will see their vengeance clearly.” – Kovan the Merciless

ThirtySeven with 4 pieces of Unhallowed Essence Set Season 7ThirtySeven the Demon Hunter is wearing four pieces of the Unhallowed Essence Set.

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