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Dining Out Requires Research

For my birthday, I wanted to go to a fancy place downtown that my husband and I have never been to.  They have an outdoor balcony, and I thought it would be nice to sit there, drink wine, and have a nice dinner.

But, because I have a ton of food allergies, I cannot simply go out to dinner, especially at a place I’ve never been to before.  If I want to live through the experience, I have to do a ton of research first.

This particular restaurant seems to be one of those places that likes to change up its menu, maybe seasonally, maybe whenever the spirit moves them, I don’t know.

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Hearthstone: On My iPad

I have an iPad mini that I use to play video games.  It didn’t occur to me until March 30, 2017, that I could put Hearthstone on my iPad mini.  Previous to this realization, all of my Hearthstone experience happened on my Mac computer.

I learned that the Hearthstone app syncs with the Hearthstone game that I play on my computer. The best part of playing on an iPad is the way it feels.  I mean, Hearthstone is a card game, so it makes sense to use your fingers to move cards around and fling cards on the virtual table.

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Rheumatoid Arthritis Ruined My Day

Today, my husband and I went to Target.  Technically, it’s one of those Target “superstores” that have all the usual Target stuff and a grocery section.  I got a gift card as an early birthday gift from a relative – and we needed some stuff.

The plan was to buy a rug to put underneath the kitchen trash can and recycle bin, some socks to replace the ones I have worn out, and an 80′s looking headband (which I will wear at an 80s themed birthday party for a relative that is coming up soon).

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Neko Atsume: Mr. Meowgi

Mr. Meowgi is a Rare Cat in Neko Atsume.  The way to attract a Rare Cat to put the things that the Rare Cat likes into your yard/home.  Eventually, the cat you are trying to collect will appear. Several other cats will also use the special item.

Mr. Meowgi likes two items: the Sakura Pillow and the Scratching Log.  It took a very long time before Mr. Meowgi sat on the Sakura Pillow, but he used the Scratching log almost right away.

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Candy Crush Saga: Dreamworld – Funky Factory

In order to unlock Dreamworld, a player must complete Episode 4 – Chocolate Mountains in Candy Crush Saga.  It seems to me that Dreamworld is some sort of expansion.

Players do not have to play through the Dreamworld content in order to progress through Candy Crush Saga.  That’s a good thing – because the Dreamworld section of Candy Crush Saga silently disappeared shortly before I put together this blog post.

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Freaking Out Over My Health Insurance Subsidy

I’m going to greatly summarize what just happened.  A little while ago, my husband got a bill from my health insurance company.  For some unknown reasons, my premium went up DRAMATICALLY because my subsidy had been taken away from me.  He later explained that when he got this bill, he was afraid that he would have to get (another) job.

Let me put that into context.  My husband is legally blind and gets Medicare as a result.  He has optic nerve atrophy, which cannot be cured.  He has tried, in the past, from time to time, to get a “regular job” – but is greatly limited by what kind of job he can do because of his vision.  In addition, he already has a job doing freelance writing and audio production.

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Hearthstone: Fight Promoter Card

On May 20, 2017, Hearthstone offered a free card to everyone who logged into the game.  All players had to do was log in.  There was no catch.  Players didn’t have to do anything at all – other than log in on the right day.  If you have found this blog after that date – you are too late to get the free Fight Promoter Card.

I find it somewhat amusing that some commenters on the Hearthstone post about the free card felt the need to create a conspiracy theory about it. In short, some believe that this free card was a test to see if giving away free stuff was enough of an incentive to make players log into Hearthstone. As conspiracy theories go… this one seems harmless.

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Pokémon GO: Adventure Week

Pokémon GO announced Adventure Week – a celebration that started on May 18, 2017, and will end on May 25, 2017.  The big thing about this event is that players will see more Rock Pokémon than usual.  The announcement specifically named Omanyte, Kabuto, (and their evolutions) and Aerodactyl.

Players could obtain a free Expedition Hat from the wardrobe while Adventure Week was taking place.  In addition, Buddy Pokémon will find Candy four times as fast, and PokéStops will provide more items.

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Neko Atsume: Chairman Meow

Chairman Meow is one of the “Rare Cats” in Neko Atsume.  The only way to get a “Rare Cat” to visit your yard/home in Neko Atsume is to place an item that a specific cat likes.  After that, all you can do is wait and keep filling up the food dishes.  In general, you have to wait a while between when you place a desirable item and when the cat you were hoping to attract appears.

Chairman Meow likes two items.  One is the Earthenware Pot, and the other is the Sunken Fireplace.  The Earthenware Pot can only be used by one cat at a time.  The Sunken Fireplace can hold up to three cats – plus Chairman Meow when he appears.

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Civil Disobedience – by Henry David Thoreau

Civil Disobedience is an essay that is usually published inside a book that contains other writing by Henry David Thoreau.  The reason is because Civil Disobedience is extremely short.  There’s enough room to put it at the end of Walden.  My copy of Walden was a Barnes & Noble version that included not only Civil Disobedience,  but also a timeline of Thoreau’s life, an introduction, and a detailed section that described the meaning behind some of Thoreau’s references that were commonly understood at the time, but mysterious and confusing today.

Civil Disobedience was written in response to real life events that Henry David Thoreau experienced.  In 1846, he traveled through Massachusetts.  His purpose was to go to Concord, to run an errand.  (He needed to go to the cobblers to pick up his shoe that the cobbler repaired).  A man named Sam Staples was the tax collector and warden of the county jail.
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