Mr. Meowgi is a Rare Cat in Neko Atsume. The way to attract a Rare Cat to put the things that the Rare Cat likes into your yard/home. Eventually, the cat you are trying to collect will appear. Several other cats will also use the special item.

Mr. Meowgi likes two items: the Sakura Pillow and the Scratching Log. It took a very long time before Mr. Meowgi sat on the Sakura Pillow, but he used the Scratching log almost right away.

The Sakura Pillow can be purchased from the Neko Atusme Shop for 220 silver fish.

The description of the Sakura Pillow says: A pillow with a lovely cherry-blossom pattern.  Stylish and silky-soft.

Mr Meowgi sits on the Sakura Pillow.

Pumpkin on the Sakura Pillow

Ginger on the Sakura Pillow

Marshmallow on the Sakura Pillow

Shadow on the Sakura Pillow.

Snowball on the Sakura Pillow

Lexy on the Sakura Pillow

Princess on the Sakura Pillow

Dottie on the Sakura Pillow

Spud on Sakura Pillow

This is what the Scratching Log looks like. It can be purchased from the Neko Atsume Store for 30 gold fish.

The description for the Scratching Log says: An extremely pricey scratching post made of hardwood. For discerning cats who demand the real thing.

Mr. Meowgi uses his sword on the Scratching Log.









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