Gardens of Time was originally created by Playdom. They sold it to RockYou shortly after Playdom removed Gardens of Time from the Playdom website. I did not immediately seek out the app because I had no device to play it on.

Since then, my husband gave me his old iPad Mini. The best part of the RockYou version of Gardens of Time is that it is almost exactly the same game that Playdom originally released. The beautiful artwork, and interesting storyline, are the same.

The bad part is that the app is extremely crashy.  Every time it crashes, I lose a little bit of progress because the game did not let me complete the task I was trying to do before it crashed. I managed to work my way through what I think of the Tutorial of Gardens of Time, so here are some screenshots.

The Gardens of Time Welcome screen is the first thing that pops up when players open the app for the first time.

What follows are screenshots of the storyline from Chapter One.  Part of the storyline functions as a tutorial.

Alistair Wells: Oh good, you’re here!  Welcome, new recruit, to the Time Society!  You’ll be helping us protect history by finding objects out of place in time!

Alistair Wells: Let’s start off by naming your Garden. Tap on the banner to change the name. You can change it later by tapping on the banner at any time.

The game starts with your garden named “Rio Grande”. I changed it to “Jen”, at first.  Later, I went back and changed it to “Hypoallergenic.”

Alistair Wells: Next, we must attend to a problem in Ancient Egypt, consider this your crash course in Time Travel!

Tap the Time Machine!  Our goal is to travel through time and preserve history in our Garden. Let’s go!

Alistair Wells:  How rude of me! I’m Alistair Wells, and I’ll be mentoring your introduction into the Time Society.  But we’re in Giza for a different matter.

Alistair Wells: The disruption here is only the latest in a series of strange happenings across time. Let’s get this mess sorted and find what’s to blame!

The next thing that happens is the player must use some energy to open up the Giza Riverfront Scene. You have to find six items that are hidden in the picture. I am not putting the image of the gameplay portion into my blog. In general, the items are not difficult to find. Eventually, you will memorize where each item (in each Scene) is located.

Alistar Wells: Excellent Work!  You’re quickly proving yourself to be a real asset to the Society.

Alistar Wells: Hmmmmm, some of these displaced objects look quite familiar. Let’s return home and investigate.

Alistar Wells: This is where you’ll help the Time Society preserve historical artifacts!

Alistair Wells: Get settled in your Garden of Time. I’ll reach out to other Time Keepers for guidance on these latest mishaps.

Players start the game at Level 1. Players reach Level 2 after completing what I call the Tutorial. If you get this far, you have the basic idea of how the game works and what you need to do. The image above shows the items that players who reach Level 2 can purchase and put in their Garden.

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