Flight Rising is a browser-based game where players control a Lair full of dragons. There are several different things you can do with your dragons, including dressing them up and giving them Familiars (which are sort of like a pet for your dragon).

The Enduring Goblin was the holiday Familiar for the 2016 Riot of Rot, which took place starting on October 23, 2016, through October 29, 2016.  The Riot of Rot celebrates the Plague Flight.

All of the artwork in this post is copyright of Flight Rising.

The easiest way to obtain a holiday Familiar is to buy it while the festival is going on.  After a festival ends, it is sometimes possible to buy a holiday Familiar from the Auction House.  Be prepared to spend Gems.

This is what the Enduring Goblin looks like.

Enduring Goblin: – Familiar – The eyes of the Plaguebringer.  (Riot of Rot Holiday Familiar 2016.) – Sell Value: 0

I gave the Enduring Goblin to Maphala.

Maphala is a female Wildclaw
Primary: Platinum Iridescent
Secondary: Carmine Shimmer
Tertiary: Splash Underbelly

Maphala is wearing the Scavenger’s Tatters apparel that was part of the 2016 Riot of Rot holiday.

Scavenger’s Tatters: – Apparel – A warrior’s kilt, crafted from the bones of fallen foes.  (Riot of Rot Holiday Item 2016.) – Sell Value: 0

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