On May 20, 2017, Hearthstone offered a free card to everyone who logged into the game.  All players had to do was log in.  There was no catch.  Players didn’t have to do anything at all – other than log in on the right day.  If you have found this blog after that date – you are too late to get the free Fight Promoter Card.

I find it somewhat amusing that some commenters on the Hearthstone post about the free card felt the need to create a conspiracy theory about it. In short, some believe that this free card was a test to see if giving away free stuff was enough of an incentive to make players log into Hearthstone. As conspiracy theories go… this one seems harmless.

Almost immediately after I logged into Hearthstone, a pop-up appeared informing me about the free card.

Fight Promoter: Battlecry: If you control a minion with 6 or more Health, draw two cards.

The Fight Promoter card costs 6 mana to play.  It has 4 attack points and 4 health points.  This card can go into the deck of any Class.  In my opinion, it is a decent card, and it was nice to get it for free.  Next time I play Hearthstone, I’m going to fit it into a deck and see what happens.

I have to admit, logging into Hearthstone made me feel like playing it.  So, I got into a Rated match (with my super low Angry Chicken level).  I was paired with another Angry Chicken, and proceed to lose the match.  Now I remember why I stopped playing Hearthstone.

Recently, I logged into Hearthstone to get some free Un’Goro packs.  Some I opened, and some I have yet to open.  If I remember correctly, I got a free pack for logging into Hearthstone on my iPad.  There’s a chance that all these new cards (well, new-to-me cards) might improve my existing decks.  ….Maybe I will start playing more often after all.

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