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A Crow Story – Episode 053

In this episode, I share a short story that was based on actual events. Part of it was originally posted on Mastodon, and the rest was added after I started writing.

I read “A Crow Story” on episode 053 of Words of Jen.

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The Darkening of Tristram – Royal Calf

The Royal Calf is a pet that can only be found during The Darkening of Tristram event. Players need to collect items and transmog an item before they can obtain this pet.

The flavor text on this pet says: This young creature has a regal air, as though he holds some special place within this herd. Who knows what they would do if he went missing…

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A Timeline of the GOP’s Attempts to Destroy Obamacare – Part Four

2020 marks the fourth year of the Donald Trump Presidency. His administration, and the Republicans in Congress, are still trying to destroy Obamacare. The Guardian reported that President Trump was impeached on December 19, 2019, when the House of Representatives voted 230-197 to approve a first article of impeachment.

This blog post, like the ones that preceded it, has the “receipts” about every bad thing the GOP and Trump tried to do to American’s health care. (It also includes the good things that Democrats – and occasionally some Republicans – did to protect our healthcare.)

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Johanna Basford 2019 Coloring Calendar – December

I was able to complete all of the December coloring pages in the Johanna Basford 2019 coloring calendar. The last few were finished in January of 2020, but I’m ok with that. The world moves too fast for me, due to my chronic illnesses.

In general, I’m not a big fan of Christmas. That said, I had fun coloring these pages. Some were extremely detailed, and I enjoyed the challenge.

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Restoration – by Olaf Olafsson

This is a heartbreaking story of love, and loss, and loneliness. It takes place in Italy, in the 1920’s. After the war begins, everything becomes more uncertain than it was before.

It is the story of love gone wrong, due to misunderstandings. There are unanswered questions, dripping with regret and second guessing. All of this is set in a breathtakingly beautiful landscape, which provides a vivid contrast to the sadness that some of the characters are experiencing.

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Season 19: Nephalem Rift and a Socket

In this video, my Hardcore Barbarian started off at Level 25. I ran him through a Nephalem Rift on Hard difficulty to try and level him up a bit.

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