Hermeowne is a rare cat in the Neko Atsume game. The only item she likes is called Egg Bed (Nightview). It costs 38 gold fish in the Neko Atsume Store.

The flavor text for that item says: Romantic view of the night sky decorated by twinkling stars. Tucked into a soft, fluffy bed, a sweet dream is guaranteed.

I’ve only seen Hermeowne once in the time I have been playing Neko Atsume. The Neko Atsume Wiki says that this cat does not like Frisksy Bits, but is willing to eat all of the other varieties of food.

I’ve been feeding the cats Frisky Bits. I should switch it out for any of the other kinds of food. Doing so could influence Hermeowne to return more often.

Other cats will use the Egg Bed (Nightview), too.











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