The Royal Calf is a pet that can only be found during The Darkening of Tristram event. Players need to collect items and transmog an item before they can obtain this pet.

The flavor text on this pet says: This young creature has a regal air, as though he holds some special place within this herd. Who knows what they would do if he went missing…

The Darkening of Tristram event happens every January.

To enter Tristram, the player needs to go to the The Old Ruins location. A portal appears near the broken fountain. It leads to Tristram.

Your character is now in the original Tristram. The graphics are intentionally designed to resemble the original Diablo game.

There are some corpses left in Tristram. Clicking on them gives the player a little bit of information about who these people were. It also gives clues about what to do with certain items you may find in the Cathedral Labyrinth.

Here lies Ogden’s corpse. This man died penniless, giving all he had to his neighbors.

Here lies Pepin’s corpse. This man’s spirit yearns to help the wounded and afflicted.

Here lies Griswold’s corpse. The restless spirit of this blacksmith needs to make one last treasure.

Here lies Farnham’s corpse. You need a strong drink to wake this spirit.

This is what remains of Adria’s hut. There is a boiling cauldron inside it. The roiling liquid appears incomplete.

The first thing the player needs to do is find a Rotten Mushroom inside the Labyrinth. Take the Rotten Mushroom back to the remains of Adria’s hut and throw it into the cauldron.

It will produce an item called Witch’s Brew. This strange concoction has been steeping for several years now…

Take the Witch’s Brew item to the Farnham’s corpse. The Witch’s Brew is the strong drink you need to wake Farnham’s spirit.

He drops an item called Drunkard’s Debt. This was all the treasure Farnham had left, which he’d hoped to use to keep his favorite place in business. For those who are unaware, Farnham was the town drunk. He wanted to spend his money at the tavern.

Take the Drunkard’s Debt to the corpse of Ogden.

Ogden drops an item called Garda’s Letter. A heartfelt letter from Odgen’s wife to the healer of Tristram. It regards the fate of Canace’s child.

Take Garda’s Letter to the corpse of Pepin.

Pepin drops an item called Healer’s Prescription. Pepin’s detailed schematics for a child’s wooden leg.

Take the Healer’s Prescription to Grizwold’s corpse.

Grizwold’s corpse drops an item called Plan: Wirt’s Leg.

Plan: Wirt’s Leg is a Legendary Blacksmith Plan. It teaches the Blacksmith how to craft a wooden peg leg. Grizwold is dead, so players must go through the portal to New Tristram, and give this plan to Haedrig Eamon.

Diablo Wiki says that it requires 10 Reusable Parts and 1,000,000 Gold in order to craft Wirt’s Leg.

Wirt’s Leg looks like a crutch, but is a Legendary Mace.

The flavor text on this item says: “Poor Wirt. I did all that was possible for the child, but I know that he despises that wooden peg I was forced to attach to his leg. His wounds were hideous. No one — and especially a young child — should have to suffer the way he did.” – Pepin

Now, take the Wirt’s Leg Mace and salvage it. (Players can do this at the Blacksmith in New Tristram.) It yields a Map of the Stars.

The flavor text on the Map of the Stars says: You probably weren’t supposed to find this old map. It appears to have a hoof print stamped on it and the numbers 2, 1, 3.

Next, you need to go find the small area that has the corpses of three cows lying in it. The player must kick the cows in a specific order. The Map of the Stars said “2, 1, 3”.

Make sure you kick the middle cow first, then kick the cow on the left, and then kick the cow on the right. If you do this in the wrong order, it doesn’t work.

If you followed the Map of the Stars directions correctly, there will be three cow ghosts grazing in the field. There will also be a big, blue, opening to an area called Abandoned Farmstead.

Abandoned Farmstead has lots of living cows that are walking around and grazing. They do not attack the player. Search through the area until you find a large chest called Wirt’s Stash.

Wirt’s Stash contains an item called Royal Calf. It is a pet item. Pick it up, and it automatically goes into your bag.

The flavor text on the Royal Calf item says: This young creature has a regal air, as though he holds some special place within his herd. Who knows what they would do if he went missing…

Here is what the Royal Calf looks like as it follows the player around in the Abandoned Farmstead.

Here is what the Royal Calf looks like in the regular Diablo III game. It think it is a very cute little calf!

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