The Steamscale Incinerator was offered to players who had six-month World of Warcraft subscriptions. To me, it looks like a steampunk dragon.

The World of Warcraft Steamscale Incinerator was presented to players who had six-month World of Warcraft subscriptions on July 9, 2020. It would be waiting for me where the rest of my mounts were located – but it wouldn’t wait forever.

“Thanks for purchasing a 6-Month Subscription to WoW! Please, enjoy this majestic mount on us. Claim by January 31, 2021. Not usable in WoW Classic.”

A mad gnomish inventor had a dream to ride a dragon, so he created this metal monstrosity. He powered it with a trapped demon, in order to create “an authentic dragon soul,” and did not survive its activation.

Here’s what this mount looks like when walking on the ground. (Stormwind City Guard for scale).

The Steamscale Incinerator looks awesome when flying at night. The underside of the dragon glows a bright red that seems to pulse. There are two large cogs spinning where the wings attach to the body.

I took this screenshot on a whim while flying around Stormwind.

Just for fun, I took this screenshot of the Steamscale Incinerator in Ironforge while the 2020 Hallow’s Eve event was taking place.

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