The Sprite Darter’s Wings transmog was given for free to players who have a six-month World of Warcraft subscription. That’s how I got it. Players who don’t have a six-month WoW subscription can buy it for $20.00 from the Blizzard Shop.

Enchant your friends and beguile your foes with this eight-piece transmogrification set inspired by the fey dragons of Azeroth. This appearance features cosmetic wings and a mesmerizing mask that make you a sprite to behold and will take the breath away from friend, foe, and dragonkin alike.

This colorful transmog set was perfect for Meipo, my Gnome Mage. She is based on one of my Dungeons & Dragons characters named Meepo. (WoW wouldn’t let me have that spelling). Meepo is a Kobold Sorcerer who loves bright colors and shiny things.

Each piece of the Sprite Darter set can be found in your Appearances tab. Splitting it up means you have to search around each piece in order to do the entire transmogrification.

The advantage of splitting up this transmogrification set into pieces means that a player can pick and choose which parts to transmog. For example, maybe you just want to use the wings – but not the rest of the set.

If I remember correctly, it cost one gold for each piece I chose to transmog.

Here is the entire Sprite Darter transmogrification set on my Gnome. I honestly love it! The colors and goofiness of the set is perfect for Meipo.

This is what the back of the Sprite Darter wings look like.

The Sprite Darter set transmog doesn’t match the Steamscale Incinerator.

The set matches quite well with the Squeakers, The Trickster mount. It makes Miepo look like a tiny fairy dragon who is riding a mouse.

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