In this episode, I read to you a piece of writing I wrote on April 6, 2015.  It is about what happened after I got my very first smartphone. Strangers started calling me in an effort to reach someone named Mario.

I read “Desperately Seeking Mario” in episode 037 of Words of Jen.

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    1. Ro,

      I have no idea if any of them found Mario. All I know is they stopped calling me.

      I had been to Mario’s restaurant long before I got my iPhone, and before his friends/family/and other connections started calling me. The food was pretty good.

      Later, when I learned the name of Mario’s restaurant from one of the people that called me (looking for him), I didn’t go searching for Mario. Part of the reason is because I usually too sick to go outside. The other reason was I had concerns that if I found him and said “Hey, there’s a collections agent looking for you,” that news may have gotten around to his workers and stressed them out.

      Shawn and I went past the place where Mario’s restaurant used to be. It had been empty and “for lease” for a long time.

      Recently, there are paper signs in the window that show that a new restaurant is coming in – that has already applied for a liquor license. The new restaurant is going to serve completely different food than what Mario’s restaurant was serving.

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