A blacksmith with short red hair stands in front of an anvil. She is wearing a leather apron and gloves. A Crusader wears a shield on her back and carries a weapon. She is about to talk to the Blacksmith.

In this video, my Crusader started off at Level 22. Part of this video is about figuring out where to find the Achievements and how to maneuver through the interface that shows Bounties, dungeons, and more. The main part of this video involves the Blacksmith.

The first thing my Crusader did was talk to Xul. He sent her to go fight Lethes, who is in a location called Lord’s Rest. Upon entering, the screen said: “You have entered a solo Story Dungeon.”

My initial impressions of Westmarch started forming while I played through this part of the game. I intend to wrote about that, but don’t want to squish it all into this post.

Charsi is the Blacksmith of Westmarch. When I record these videos, I cannot hear the sound (due to the setup I have for recording my Diablo Immortal gameplay.) As such, I accidentally misgendered the Blacksmith. If I were able to hear Charsi speak, that would not have happened.

I had the opportunity to start to figure out how to use the Blacksmith’s services. It is rather simple, once you understand how to move through the interface. I’m probably going to have to do that a lot before it will feel intuitive.

This video also includes the most useful escort quest I’ve experienced in any of Blizzard’s games. If you enjoyed this video, please consider supporting me on Ko-Fi. Thank you!

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