Dragon Mania Legends is an app game where players can collect a wide variety of dragons. Players level up their dragons by feeding them. Dragons can fight with, or breed with, other dragons.

When I first started playing Dragon Mania Legends, the Basic Hybrids collection was different than it is today. One dragon from the collection has been swapped out for a different one.

This is what the Basic Hybrids collection originally looked like. Since then, the game has added a special reward for players who complete it.

This is what an Earth Dragon egg looks like.

The Dragon Mania Legend Wiki says that an Earth Dragon can be obtained by breeding any two dragons that both either have the Earth element or are able to pass the Earth element to their offspring. I don’t remember which dragons I bred to get my Earth Dragon.

This is what a baby Earth Dragon looks like. Earth Dragons only have the Earth element, and must be placed in an Earth Habitat.

This is what an adult Earth Dragon looks like, in the Earth Habitat.

I earned the Salamander Dragon by completing part of an event called Top of the Class. The event started on September 9, 2016, and ended on September 19, 2016.

The Top of the Class event had a time limit. Players had to obtain a certain amount of specific items in order to make progress and earn prizes. The Salamander dragon was offered as the prize for completing the collection of the first set of three items.

This is what a Salamander Dragon egg looks like. All dragons, including the ones players win, must be hatched from an egg.

Here is a Salamander Dragon baby. It has the Fire Element and the Earth element. Players can put this type of dragon into either a Fire Habitat or an Earth habitat. Salamander Dragons are Uncommon.

The Dragon Mania Legends Wiki recommends that players who are trying to get a Salamander Dragon breed a Fire Dragon with an Earth Dragon. It also points out that there is no combination that will guarantee that the result is a Salamander Dragon. Multiple breeding attempts may be necessary.

Here is a baby Salamander Dragon. I put it into a Fire Habitat.

This is what an adult Salamander Dragon looks like. Dragons change from a baby to an adult at Level 4. It is possible (and recommended) that players continue to level up their dragons.

This is what a Dust Dragon Egg looks like.

Here is a baby Dust Dragon. It has the Wind Element and the Earth Element. It can be placed in either a Wind Habitat or an Earth Habitat. Dust Dragons are Common.

I got my Dust Dragon by breeding my Wind Dragon and my Earth Dragon. The Dragon Mania Legends Wiki says that this is a guaranteed combination if you want a Dust Dragon.

I put my Dust Dragon into an Earth Habitat. My Wind Habitat was full, and the Earth Habitat had room. I also though that the Dust Dragon looked like it would be happier in the Earth Habitat than the Wind Habitat.

Here is what an adult Dust Dragon looks like. Dragons become adults when they hit Level 4. Player can continue leveling up their dragons, but their appearance will not change after the dragons are adults.

This is what a Lava Dragon Egg looks like.

The Dragon Mania Legends Wiki says: A combination Fire and Earth Elements are needed to breed the Lava Dragon. It also says that no combination is guaranteed to result in a Lava Dragon. Multiple breeding attempts may be necessary.

This is what a Lava Dragon Baby looks like. It has the Earth Element and the Fire Element, so it can go in either a Fire Habitat or an Earth Habitat. Lava Dragons are Common.

I put my baby Lava Dragon in a Fire Habitat. It seemed fitting because the Fire Habitat actually looks like it has lava in it.

This is what a Lava Dragon looks like after it became an adult.

Players who complete the Basic Hybrids collection earn a Fireball Dragon. It is part of the Jewels of the Collection, not the Basic Hybrids collection.

The Dragon Mania Legends Wiki says that the Fireball Dragon is a Reward-Exclusive Dragon which is awarded one only one time if the player has completed the Basic Hybrids collection.

This is what a Fireball Dragon egg looks like.

This is what a baby Fireball Dragon looks like when it hatches. It is an Uncommon dragon. This type of dragon has the Fire Element and the Wind Element. It can go into either one of those type of Habitats.

I put my baby Fireball Dragon into a Wind Habitat because all my Fire Habitats were full. I will move this dragon to a Fire Habitat after I finish leveling up one of my Fire Habitats. For now, this dragon will have to be in a Wind Habitat.

This is what an adult Fireball Dragon looks like.

Here is the Fireball Dragon in a Fire Habitat. That’s much better!


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