The Water Sprite Familiar was the Wavecrest Saturnalia Holiday Familiar for 2014. Your chance to obtain it through the Festive Favors area in Flight Rising is over.

If you don’t have one, and wanted one, your best bet is to check the Auction House to see if anyone is selling a Wind Sprite. All of the artwork in this post is copyright of Flight Rising.

There are several Elemental Holidays in Flight Rising. Each one starts in the last week of the month. This means that the Wavecrest Saturnalia took place during the last few days of April and the first couple of days of May. Each holiday is connected to one of the Dragon Flights. The Wavecrest Saturnalia is for the Water Flight.

One really easy way to tell if an Elemental Holiday is taking place is to visit the Festive Favors Shop. If it is closed, then the holiday is over (and the next one hasn’t started yet). There will be exclusive holiday items that are specific to each holiday. You cannot buy them with Treasure or Gems. Instead, you have to gather up whatever the special currency is for that particular holiday.

The special currency of the Wavecrest Saturnalia is called Giant Sand Dollar.

Giant Sand Dollar – Holiday Item – A large, flat sand dollar. These come in any array of pastel colors. This can be traded at the Festive Favors shop during the Wavecrest Saturnalia.

Where can you get Giant Sand Dollar currency? There actually are two ways.  One easy way to get them is to use your Gathering points.  Select “Water” from the drop down box, and then click the button underneath it.  The Giant Sand Dollar will randomly drop as you do your gathering.  It will only drop while the Wavecrest Saturnalia festival is taking place.

The other way to get them (that I just learned about) is to take your dragons to the Coliseum. The holiday currency can drop as a random reward after a successful battle.  Again, this will only happen in the week that the Wavecrest Saturnalia Festival is going on.

You need to have 35 Giant Sand Dollars in order to purchase the Water Sprite.  It is the only thing I purchased from this particular fest. The few Giant Sand Dollar currency that I have “leftover” are sitting in my Hoard, waiting to be used at the next Wavecrest Saturnalia Festival.

Isn’t this an adorable Familiar?  They have done an excellent job with the Holiday Familiars.  I’m hoping to collect them all.

Water Sprite: – Familiar – Entourage of the Tidelord.  (Wavecrest Saturnalia Holiday Familiar 2014.) – Sell Value: 0

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