As usual, I haven’t had a whole lot of time to play Diablo lately. Thanksgiving was spent at a relative’s house (and it was fun). We had a relative’s birthday to attend to a few days later (and it was fun, too). Naturally, since I actually left the house and went outside not once, but twice, in a short span of time, I have been really sick.

My goal for Diablo III this time around was to see if I could figure out how to get Monster Power to work, and then, to check it out. But, because I’m sick, I haz “the dumb”. Therefore, our first experience with Monster Power was … confusion.

I started off this time getting into a co-op game with Shawn. If you’ve been following my blogging about Diablo III, then you might recall that when I play with Shawn I always use my Demon Hunter named ThirtySeven. He always uses his Barbarian named Smashez.

This time, being sick is making me stoopid, and I unintentionally selected my other Demon Hunter, named Zoeie, instead. I was quite perplexed when a cinematic for Act I started playing, because Shawn and I left our characters in Act II.



Eventually, I figured out that I had selected the wrong Demon Hunter. Oops! After correcting this mistake, I decided to take the opportunity to buy Wirt’s Bell.

Right now, I have Wirt’s Bell, Leoric’s Shinbone, and a Black Mushroom.

Wirt’s Case Scenario: Acquire Wirt’s Bell.

Shawn and I had not yet figured out how to use Monster Power yet. Instead, we decided to pick up where we left off. Zoltan Kulle, shortly after regaining his body, figures out the Black Soulstone doesn’t do what he wanted it to do.

Fight! Check out the two Sentry Totems! (One of my favorite things about Demon Hunters).

And, just like that, Zoltun Kulle goes right back to being dead.

Shawn got Murderer, Torturer, Monster: Kill Zoltun Kulle on Normal difficulty.

Next, we watched the short scene where Adria explains to her adult daughter that, sorry, she had to leave Leah with Deckard Cain (who was a stranger to Leah), so she could go after the Prime Evils.

As a player, I’m already suspicious. However, Leah, being somewhat of an optimist (or perhaps really naive), interprets this as something like: “Wow! My mom had to leave me behind because she was saving the world from big, bad, evil! She’s awesome!”

This was as far as Shawn and I got before deciding to focus our efforts on trying to figure out how to get Monster Power to work. More on that in the next Diablo III blog!

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