A cockatiel with a yellow face, orange cheek, and gray body looks out of a gap under the blanket that covers teh cage.

Our flock of cockatiels let us know when they want to “go to sleep” for the night. Typically, they take a little nap, and then move around the cage. They eat more food, get a drink of water, and find a spot to sleep in.

This photo is from February of 2021.

Usually, I am able to properly cover the birdcage. But this new birdcage is tall, and I am short. I didn’t realize that I failed to cover up the cage all the way.

After a while, I had the sense that I was being watched. I looked down the hall… and there was Pinky, looking back at me. The sight of him, patiently waiting for me to return and cover the entire cage this time made me giggle!

This is what a cocktail looks like when he is “not angry… just disappointed”.

Fortunately, cockatiels are generally happy little birds, and they forgive and forget easily.

Photo by Jen Thorpe

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