This blog is part of my series about my experiences in the World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor (WoD) beta.  I’m in the process of trying to make enough room on my computer so that the new patch will download.  One way to do that, I suppose, is to use up some of the screenshots that I took the last time I was able to play.  I tend to take more screenshots of what I find in a beta than I will end up using.

Previously, I rolled a pre-made Level 90 female Draenei.  The new models looked great, but they didn’t actually make it from the character generation screen to the actual WoD beta.  It led to an amusing “bug”!  In this blog, I want to focus on something new that I found.

We now have a Toy Box to store all those lovely toys that we have been collecting as we traveled through WoW.  Keep in mind that this is a beta, and that things could change a lot before the expansion is released.  The screenshots that you see in this blog were taken on July 20, 2014.

To find the Toy Box, you need to click on the icon of a horse’s head that appears in the bar at the bottom of the screen.  Doing so will open a window that used to have two tabs: Mounts and Pet Journal.  A third tab has been added: Toy Box.  It has 7 pages where you can put 111 different kinds of toys!  (Note: I hear that the number has increased when the new patch appeared.)

My pre-made Level 90 Draenei didn’t have any toys yet.  This is due to two reasons.  One: she simply had not purchased any yet.  Two: I didn’t port any of my characters from WoW into the WoD beta.  Some of them had toys, and I suspect that the toys might carry over across characters in WoD.

The fastest way for my Alliance character to obtain some toys was to chase down Craggle Wobbletop, the Gnome vendor who walks around part of Stormwind and pushes a cart of toys.  Pre-made characters start with some gold, so I knew I had enough to buy a couple of toys.

I decided to buy a Football.  It was one of the toys that I have (on at least one character) in the current WoW.  I knew what to expect from this one.

The icon for a toy that has been newly added to the Toy Box goes from grayed out to in color.  It also says “NEW” next to it (which makes it that much easier to find).  I went ahead and bought a Tiny Blue Ragdoll and a Tiny Green Ragdoll just so I could add more stuff to my Toy Box.  Everything worked as expected.

As I said earlier in this blog, things can change between a beta and the finished expansion.  I’m hoping the Toy Box makes it to the final, released, game.  It gives players an easy way to keep track of what toys they have (and which ones that they can go searching Azeroth for).  It also enables players to get their toys out of their bags and banks in put them in the Toy Box.  Anything that gives players more room to put things is a great idea!

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