Shawn and I ventured out to Lassens Natural Foods & Vitamins on what turned out to be Day 1 of Fall Pollen Season 2017.  We knew the pollen count was high enough that day to be bad for me. I wanted to take this trip anyway because I’d never been to this grocery store before and we were in search of gluten-free foods.

Fall pollen season doesn’t start on a specific day on the calendar.  I check the pollen count at pretty regularly, and this helps me to notice trends.

The pollen count on August 17, 2017 was 7.0, which is high enough to affect my allergies. The only way to know, for certain, when a pollen season starts is after the pollen count has been 7 or higher for about a week straight.

So, I’m putting together this blog about a week after Fall pollen season 2017 started, and backdating it. This isn’t ideal, but there isn’t much I can do about it since the pollen refuses to adhere to a set schedule.

My car has been donated to Habitat for Humanity, and Shawn and I are going car-less. It takes two buses to get to Lassens (and two buses to get back home again).  I love the buses!  It is my understanding that the biggest annoyance about taking the bus is the part where you have to wait for the bus to arrive. I don’t mind waiting.

Lassens has tons of gluten-free foods! Its a wonderland for people like me whose bodies refuse to properly digest gluten. We were able to pick up a bunch of foods that were safe for me to eat and that could be microwaved. Shawn was about to go on a business trip, and I would be on my own for a few days.

Pollen season makes me exhausted and inhibits my ability to think clearly. I can manage to microwave food while in that state.

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