My Pocket Camp character stands next to Isabelle. They are celebrating a completed task. There are bunches of purple flowers that are shaped like stars behind them and in front of them.

Isabelle’s Creek Cooldown began on July 28, 2020, and ended on August 9, 2020. Isabelle is a special character who guides new players through the variety of things they can do in the game. In addition, Isabelle sometimes comes to the player’s campsite and starts a new event.

Isabelle’s Creek Cooldown is the first of three events that are connected to each other.

A sign that announces Isabelle's Creek Cooldown event. It shows two kind of bugs that player must pick off of special flowers.

All of the events in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp start with special flowers. Players must plant them in their gardens, then return to collect the rare creatures (bugs) that find them. Prizes are distributed based on how many bugs the player caught.

Isabelle is talking to my Animal Crossing Pocket Camp player (who is dress like a pirate).

Isabelle: Summer is definitely one of my favorite seasons, but the heat can certainly leave me feeling groggy.

Isabelle: At the very least, I need to find a way to cool off for a few hours…

Isabelle: So, I came up with a really great idea!

Isabelle: Why not create a creekside area where everyone at the campsite can come to cool off for a bit?

Isabelle tells my Pocket Camp character about seeds for the garden.

Isabelle: I’m going to give you some seeds to start, so go ahead and plant them in your garden.

Bags of purple starflower seeds

Isabelle gave my Pocket Camp character 5 bags of purple starflower + seeds. and 5 bags of purple starflower seeds. The ones with the + grow super fast!

Isabelle explains to my Pocket Camp character that the flowers will attract creek fireflies.

Isabelle: Once these flowers bloom, they’re sure to attract plenty of creek fireflies.

The goal is to keep planting the event-specific flowers and then come back and collect the rare creatures that landed on them. The number of bugs is what grants the player prizes, which usually match the theme of the event.

My Pocket Camp character wears pirate clothing. Isabelle is wearing a kimono-like outfit. Above them are the words "task complete".

Task complete! My Pocket Camp character and Isabelle are standing on a path in my garden. The plants directly in front of them are not done growing yet. Off screen are the five purple starflower+ seeds that grow much faster than the rest. I picked the fireflies off of them, and got enough to earn a reward.

This process takes place, over and over again, until the event ends of the player earns all the rewards.

I earned two stardust fans. These items are required in order to complete a set of quests.

A small, green, boat made out of bamboo, is in a circle shape. The boat has a lit candle inside it.

I earned a bamboo-boat lantern!

My Pocket Camp character is wearing a straw sun hat with a band across it that has a pattern. They are also wearing a dress with the same pattern. It reminds me of the 1980s. 

Isabelle is next to them, wearing a kimono-like outfit.

Task complete! My Pocket Camp character is wearing a straw beach hat and a white beach dress. Those items were not part of the event, but might have connected to a previous one.

A box with a collection of blue fireflies and light purple fireflies.

Here are what the fireflies that were attracted by the purple starflower plants looked like.

My Pocket Camp character is wearing an orange kimono that hs outlines of fish on it. Isabelle is next to them with a kimono-like outfit.

Task complete! The flowers in the above screenshot are pink starflowers. I was able to earn some prizes by planting them, but I don’t think I got all of the rewards. The event ended before I could do that.

Here are some other rewards that are connected to Isabelle’s Creek Cooldown:

A box showing a small collection of river stepping stones. There is some grass around the stones.

river stepping-stones

A rug that has rock-like shapes on two of its ends. In the center is part of a flowing river.

flowing-river rug

A lantern that is rectangular. It has three different patterns on it. When it is dark outside, this lantern glows.

three-tier lantern A

A medium-sized rock with rounded edges and some moss growing on the bottom of it

river rock

A small collection of bright, glowing, round spots that are fireflies

dancing fireflies

A rectangular lantern with three different designs on it. This lantern glows in the dark at night.

three-tier lantern B

A tall umbrella with a red top is supported by four legs that the end of the umbrella has been placed into.

red standing umbrella

A veranda with a grey, tile, roof is supported by paper screens in back and two posts in front. It has a small lantern that is box-shaped, a round floral cushion and a mat with something on it.

riverside veranda A

There were classes that required some of the items that players could earn during this event.

Isabelles head appears next to a small image of what Creek Cooldown class looks like. Below is a box with two items in it.

Creek Cooldown was the first class. It only required a few items.

An overhead view of a room where three items are highlighted. One is a grouping of rocks. The other two are rocks that are step stones.

The highlighted items are the ones that the player needed to place. One of them is Cool-Stone Riverbank (highlighted rocks in the background). I must have obtained at least one of them, but cannot find the screenshot. The other two are River Stepping-Stones, and I’m certain I earned two of them.

My Pocket Camp character has successfully completed the Creek Cooldown class. They stand next to Lottie and Isabelle.


Isabelle's head appears next to a small image of what Creek Cooldown 2 looks like. Below it is a box with three items in it.

Creek Cooldown 2 was the second class.

Lottie is at the top of a row of items that are required for this class.

Creek Cooldown 2 required the river rock, river stepping-stones, red standing umbrella, and three-tier lantern A. Some of those items were also used in the Creek Cooldown class.

An overhead look at the Creek Cooldown 2 class. The highlighted items are the ones the player needed.

An overhead look at the Creek Cooldown 2 class. The required items are highlighted.

My Pocket Camp character successfully completed Creek Cooldown 2 class. They stand between Lottie and Isabelle. The items for the class are behind them.


I put some of the Creek Cooldown items into my campsite.

My Pocket Camp character is wearing a kimono with black, white, and grey stripes. Behind her is a flowing river rug that has two bamboo boats with lit candles floating in it. Many stepping stones are in the water. Three lanterns are behind it.

Goldie seems to be enjoying these items.

I added more of the Creek Cooldown items to my campground.

More of the Creek Cooldown items were added to the same space after I earned them. I like how these items, when put together with a few more that fit the theme, felt very peaceful.

My Pocket Camp character is talking with Isabelle in the campsite garden.

Isabelle: We’d all be sad and sweaty if it weren’t for you. Thanks for making this possible, Ownka!

My Pocket Camp character enjoys the Creek Cooldown items with some animal friends, including Isabelle.

A small scene appears when part of the Creek Cooldown event is over.

This screenshot says "Goal Complete!" At the center is a large bamboo noodle slide. Several animal friends are either using it to make noodles, or are watching.

Goal complete!

In the center of this screenshot is a bamboo noodle slide. The player earns this by completing all of the goals for the Bamboo Bonanza event.

Isabelle: Congratulations! You’ve completed all of these goals!

Isabelle talks to my Pocket Camp character about summer heat.

Isabelle: Thank you for gathering so many fans, Ownka!

Isabelle: They’re yet another creative way we can get a big of relief from this scorching summer heat.

Isabelle: There’s nothing more refreshing than something cold on a hot day.

Isabelle: Ice cream, lemonade, or even ice water would certainly hit the spot right about now, huh?

My Pocket Camp character is celebrating a completed goal. Isabelle is at my campsite. Two animal friends are using the bamboo noodle slide as other animal friends watch.
Isabelle tells my Pocket Camp character to stay cool.

Isabelle: Anyway, enjoy your summer, and try your best to stay cool!

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