The first “Toy Day” event in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp was called Jingle’s Glowing Garden. It required players to grow Christmas trees and catch bugs that looked like wrapped presents.

The screenshots in this blog post were taken in December 2020.

I’m not usually a fan of the Christmas related stuff in video games. This year, for reasons I do not understand, I decided to try them anyway. Blame it on the pandemic.

Jingle: Ho ho hello! Happy holidays, kid! I’m Jingle, the black-nosed reindeer and I come bearing great news…

Jingle: The best day of the year is almost nearly here! Ready your joy, and ready your cheer… for…

Jingle: TOY DAY!

Jingle: Nothing gives me the holiday spirit like seeing festive lights twinkling in wreaths and tree branches.

It appears that Nintendo was very careful about the wording in this year’s holiday events. It is called Toy Day – not Christmas. I think this was a smart choice because it is my understanding that people in Japan celebrate Christmas differently than do people in countries where there are a lot of Christians.

The decision to call the holiday Toy Day amuses me. In a way, it sounds like how children see Christmas (as the day they hope to get new toys). It also makes me think of the capitalism that Christmas is wrapped in.

Nintendo also made it clear that Jingle is a “black-nosed reindeer”. That’s a good way to avoid any copyright issues that might have come if Jingle had red nose (like Rudolph).

Jingle: Ho HO! I just had a thought… This campsite would rival the north pole if we decked it out with lights.

Jingle: The greatest give we can give folks here is enhancing the extra-magical mood of Toy Day, right?

Jingle: That and picking out our gifts with thought and care.

Jingle: Speaking of gifts… this little hoofed helper is gonna share some holiday know-how: lights attract presents!

Jingle: That is, there are little elf-like critters known as peppy presents that flock to holiday displays.

Jingle: So, what do you say, kid? Toy Day needs you! I need you! You’ll help out, right?

Jingle: Ho ho hurray! That news is caroling to my ears. Now, here are the rules of the reindeer. Ahem.

Jingle: First, plant these decked-out trees in your garden – the more, the merrier, we in the cheer business like to say.

The process Jingle is describing is the exactly the same as all of the Animal Crossing Pocket Camp events that involve planting specific plants in the player’s garden. Each one has its own, unique, critters to catch. No matter what those critters are – the way to catch them is always the same.

Jingle: Thing is, peppy presents loooove ornament trees. You plant those and they’ll be sure to gather!

Jingle: Second – and this is the important part – fire up your sleigh and catch them. It’s that easy!

Jingle: Lastly, the rules of the reindeer also state that you need to know HOW to catch peppy presents. Do you?

Jingle: That’s the spirit! I know you could tell your candy canes from your gingerbreads. Let’s get to planting!

Jingle gives the player some green decked-out tree seeds+, and some green decked-out tree seeds.

The red peppy presents and the green peppy presents are attracted to green ornament trees. These four trees grew faster than the rest of them.

Jingle’s Glowing Garden event included prizes for completing tasks and for finishing parts of the holiday quests.

merry glowing gifts

poinsettia ornament

Players must collect poinsettia ornaments in order to make progress in some of the quests.

Jingle: Ho ho hooray! You already finished your first task! Joy is filling the air – this is wonderful!

I ordered a waffle shirt from Mabel of Able Sisters.

I paired the waffle shirt with some green pants.

Task complete!

Jingle: That task was about as big as the pile of presents in Santa’s sleigh on Toy Day! Take this as my thanks.

glowing Toy Day hedge

I ended up with more than one of the glowing Toy Day hedges.

I hit level 65 in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.

This fortune cookie is called Erik’s workshop cookie.

The fortune cookie gave me handheld gift boxes.

bright glowing gifts

poinsettia planter

I ended up with more than one of these.

The Night Full of Lights class is one that features Jingle and some Toy Day related items.

The merry glowing gifts were a reward from Jingle for completing a garden task. I got the waffle shirt from Mabel from Able sisters. The green decked-out tree is a very small plant that players can get by trading some of the regular-sized green decked-out trees.

This is what the Night Full of Lights room looked like after I added the necessary items to it.

Here is another view of the Night Full of Lights room after I completed it.

I got holly from Cyrus.

The more green peppy presents and red peppy presents you capture, the closer you get to completing the Jingle’s Glowing Garden quests.

I hit level 66 in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.

glowing Toy Day arch

This is my favorite of all the prizes in the Jingle’s Glowing Garden event.

This is what the golden peppy presents, and the silver peppy presents look like. They are attracted to the white ornament trees.

Task complete!

Toy Day path corner

Toy Day path

glowing snow friend

Night Full of Lights 2 is another limited-time Happy Homeroom class.

I collected all of the required items for the Night Full of Lights 2 class.

My Pocket Camp character is ready for this class to start!

This is where each of the required objects goes.

Night of Lights 2 – Success!

golden Toy Day gazebo

poinsettia hairpin

I decided to place some of the holiday items in my campsite.

There is a swing inside golden Toy Day gazebo.

I hit Level 67 in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp!

glowing Toy Day tree

Jingle: Ho ho hold up! I should contact the workshop and get our festive committee to come check this out.

Jingle: It’s… wonderful! The lights! The joy! Are my eyes extra twinkly? I bet they are! Fantastic work, kid!

Jingle: Did you have fun this year? The lights sure made the mood merry and bright, didn’t they? Ho ho ho!

Jingle: Thanks to you and your generosity, all of your friends now get to feel the full enjoyment of Toy Day.

I completed all the tasks in the Jingle’s Glowing Garden event.

Jingle: And since it’s the season of giving… I have a few extra tasks I’d be happy to give you!

I gave the Hard Tasks a try, but was unable to complete all them before the event ended.

Night Full of Lights 3 is the last class that goes along with the Jingle’s Glowing Garden event.

Most of the furniture that is recommended for the Night Full of Lights 3 class come from the Jingle’s Glowing Garden event. The folk shirt comes from Flurry (and possibly other Animal Crossing Pocket Camp friends).

I was all ready to start the third, and final, class that was part of the Jingle’s Glowing Garden event.

This is where the recommended items go in the Night Full of Lights 3 class.

I successfully completed the Night of Lights 3 class.

Some of the Animal friends at my campsite used the holiday items I added.

Bud has a unique perspective about Santa and his reindeer:

Bud: The way I see it, the reindeer pulling Santa’s sleigh have to be totally RIPPED.

Bud: I mean, they’re hauling that sleigh through the freezing cold all over the world, right? Gotta be tough.

Bud: What a way to show off your max strength! I gotta find a way to flex my muscles for the holidays, too!

Jingle: Hey kid! With Toy Day just around the corner, I have to report back to the big man in red and lend a hoof.

Jingle: Hold the sleigh! There’s no use holding onto peppy presents and trees. I’ll just take those.

Jingle: Once I leave, the magic leaves too. Sad, I know, but I’ll send you a gift in the mail to make up for it.

Jingle: Well, it’s time for this reindeer to hoof it. Have an excellent Toy Day, kid!

Jingle’s Glowing Garden event ended before I could complete some of the hard quests. I’m happy with the items that I got from this event. Christmas is not usually my thing, but some of the Animal Crossing Pocket Camp holiday stuff was really nice.

There was still time to strike a pose in front of the glowing Toy Day tree.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: Jingle’s Glowing Garden is a post written by Jen Thorpe on Book of Jen and is not allowed to be copied to other sites.

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