The Fishing Tourney Terrarium Decor event started on May 13, 2020, and ended on May 20, 2020. I happen to enjoy fishing in Pocket Camp, and I liked the look of the rewards.

We all could use something relaxing to do while coping with the COVID-19 pandemic. Virtual fishing in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp works for me.

This Fishing Tourney was run by an animal person named Chip. The player fishes for special kinds of fish that are only around while the tournament lasts. Give the fish to Chip to receive rewards.

Chip: I’m Chip, and I’ll be your host and your number-one fish fan. Nyuk, nyuk!

Chip: Now hold the reel just a second there. Is this your first Fishing Tourney? Need a few tips?

It was not my first Fishing Tourney. The game lets players choose if they want to have Chip explain how to play to them, or to skip that if they already know what to do.

Chip: So, for this Fishing Tourney, I’ll be givin’ out rewards for the total size of all the fish you catch.

Chip: And if you wanna take on some of my Chip Challenges, here’s what I’ve got for ya!

It took me a little while before I put it together. Players gather fish. Players give the fish to Chip. Fish and Chips.

Chip: If you really wanna go for it in this tourney, you might try out one of these tourney throw nets.

I used the Tourney throw net and caught four crystal red shrimp, four gourami and four beta fish.

Fishing Tourneys involve catching a lot of special, limited-time only, fish. These fish appear for a certain amount of time. Players will eventually catch all of the ones in that batch. Then, players have to wait around for about an hour for the special fish to reappear.

I enjoy fishing in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. It is relaxing.

I caught one crystal red shrimp.

I caught two crystal red shrimp at the same time.

I caught a betta.

I caught a gourami.

I caught two gourami at the same time.

Chip: Whoa, you got a bunch of fish in there, didn’t you? Well, let’s measure ’em up!

Chip will measure all the fish you caught and determine if you have reached a size goal. If so, he will give you a prize. The prizes I liked the best were the ones that looked like terrariums.

blue glass marbles

orange glass marbles

When I got the marbles, I assumed they would be a very small decorative item. Instead, they were much bigger than I expected! In the screenshot above, you can see how much space the orange glass marbles took up.

mossy stone terrarium

I put the mossy stone terrarium inside my camper. The green and black colors of the stones inside it matched the my color scheme.

short terrarium stand

crystal-red-shrimp tank

long terrarium stand

fresh flower terrarium

betta tank

gourami tank

lily valley terrarium

The lily valley terrarium is huge! I tried to fit it into my campsite, but it took up way too much space. There was room for it in my cabin. Compare the size of this terrarium with the couch that is sitting next to it.

Here is another look at the lily valley terrarium. I rearranged the furniture a little bit in order to try and make it all fit better.

Players can earn fishing trophies during a Fishing Tourney. After the Tourney ends, the player will find the highest trophy their earned in their mailbox. The rest of the trophies disappear.

wood fish trophy

bronze fish trophy

silver fish trophy

gold fish trophy

Trophy rank up! Collect this trophy from your mailbox after the tourney.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Terrarium Fishing Tourney is a post written by Jen Thorpe on Book of Jen and is not allowed to be copied to other sites.

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