Mitzi’s Mystery Friend is an event that can be unlocked when a player obtains a specific items from Mitzy’s Aviary Cookie. This type of Fortune Cookie was available in May 2020.

This was the first time I found myself interested in spending Leaf Tickets to buy Fortune Cookies – Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s version of “loot boxes”. Unlike in other games, the only advantage of Fortune Cookies is that the player gets some interesting stuff to put in their campsite or cabin.

I kept finding players who were wearing cockatiels on their heads. The bird looked just like one of my cockatiels, and I really wanted one. But, it took me a while before I learned that I had a chance to get the item from the Mitzi’s Aviary Cookies.

Every time I gathered 50 Leaf Tickets, I spent them on a Mitzi’s Aviary Cookie. My hope was the one of them would give me the cockatiel that sits on your head as if it were a hat.

little birds’ sofa

The best thing about this item is that it has not one, but two, parakeets sitting on it! There was a time why my husband and I had three parakeets. Two of them look just like the parakeets on this item.

birdcage hanging chair

There aren’t any birds sitting on the birdcage hanging chair. It is large enough for my Pocket Camp character to sit in it. Players can end up getting an item more than once from a cookie. I ended up with two of them.

I put them both in my cabin, along with the little birds’ sofa. The birdcage hanging chairs are big, but the lily valley terrarium, from the Terrarium Fishing Tourney, is much larger.

Here is my Pocket Camp character, sitting on the couch, waiting for the parakeets to toddle over and sit on her. These birds do not move from where they are sitting, but move their heads once in a while.

little birds’ square rug

My Pocket Camp character is looking at a small, red, birdcage. Inside is a red and green parrot. The item didn’t come from a Mitzy’s Aviary Cookie, but I added it to my cabin anyway because it fit the theme.

little birds’ stylish dress

The little birds’ stylish dress includes a necklace and a sweater. My character is wearing a sakura hairpin from the Sakura Festival. The shoes were a reissued item that I bought with Leaf Tickets.

I decided to save this outfit.

birdcage tree stand

One of those cages has a green and yellow parakeet inside it. To me, it looks like the cage has an opening that is large enough for the parakeet to escape if it wanted to. The other cage has some multicolored candles in it.

If your Pocket Camp character gets super happy before eating a Fortune Cookie it means there is something special inside it.

little birds’ playground

If you look closely, you will see a yellow and green parakeet sitting on the highest perch that this item offers. A bit lower, there is a yellow cockatiel, with orange cheek spots, sitting on a swing.

Another yellow and green parakeet is sitting on a hanging water dish. It either wants to take a drink, or a bath, or maybe both.

You got new furniture that unlocks a new memory!

How does a player unlock a memory? I couldn’t figure it out. All of my little birds’ collection was inside my cabin. To me, it looked like the memory needs to happen at my campsite.

There didn’t seem to be anything on the little birds’ playground item that would start the memory.

Maybe I could find more detailed information within the game? Eventually, I found the screenshot you see above. There is some information there, but not what I needed.

Carmen and Opal heard a rumor that Mitzi has a friend staying over. The investigation begins! To view this Scrapbook memory, get the little bird’s playground!

Maybe the little birds’ playground needed to be in my campsite, instead of in my cabin? I moved some of the stuff that came from Mitzi’s Aviary Cookie to my campsite.

Rosie and Muffy decided to use it. This was a good sign! It indicated that the animal people in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp could interact with this item.

Ava and Goldie also used the little birds’ playground.

Eugene is on the swing. Muffy has fallen asleep on the platform.

It didn’t take long for the animal people at my campsite to flock to the little birds’ items. Eugene is still on the swing. Muffy, now awake, is on the platform. Rosie is on the little birds’ sofa. Egbert is on the birdcage hanging chair.

Ava is now sitting on the platform, looking very pleased. Muffy has moved to the swing and decided to take another nap.

At first, I thought that the way to unlock the memory was to craft all the things that the three animal people who are participating in it want. In other words, I’d need to do that so I could invite all three of them to my campsite. This would mean kicking out the current guests, at least temporarily.

I started working on this, but quickly realized that it was too much effort. Back to poking around on the app in the hopes of stumbling upon something useful. Eventually, I found out how to unlock this memory.

Carmen and Opal heard a rumor that Mitzi has a friend staying over. The investigation begins!

At the bottom of the screen, there was a button called “Watch Memory”. All I had to do was click it to get this memory started. At the time I am writing this blog post, I have forgotten how I found this.

Carmen: Ohmigosh! Did you hear Mitzi has a new friend staying over? I wonder who it could be, nougat!

Carmen: I didn’t want to be super obvi, so I tried to listen in from a ways away. But I could only hear Mitzi chatting.

Opal: Snoot! Gossip! I have been preparing for this moment all my life! Let’s procure a sneak peek!

Carmen: Hi, Mitzi! We, like, came to see your um… books. Yeah, your books! To, like…borrow? And nothing else?

Mitzi: Hi Opal! Of course, Carmen, if books are really what you’re after… feel free to browse.

Mitzi: I’ll make some tea. In the meantime, you, um…decide if there was something else you wanted.

Carmen: Phew! That went over amazingly. And you said I should take “acting lessons,” nougat.

Opal: Yes, it certainly was an… inspired performance. Now, to begin our investigation, snoot!

Opal: Observe, for instance, this sofa. Clearly designed to seat two. Why, just look how cozy these birds are!

Carmen: Look at this! Did she have this cute seat before? Maybe her new friend brought it along…

Opal: How intriguing! This would make a prime spot for some… CUDDLING, wouldn’t you say? Snoot!

Carmen: Oh. My. Gosh. What is THIS thing? It’s like a trapeze!

Opal: Some sort of… exercise device, it seems? Perhaps our mystery guest is a fitness enthusiast.

Carmen: This is so cool! I have no idea what is going on, but I totes feel like a secret agent or something!

Mitzi: Sorry for the wait! I hope the tea is to your liking.

Carmen: Mitzi, the suspense is, like, super intense. I can’t take it! I must know! Who’s your new friend?

Mitzi: New…friend? Oh, you mean THEM! Hahahah! Why, they’re right over there. Haven’t you seen them?

Carmen: What?! I don’t get it! Are they invisible?! Are they a ghost?! Are they… ooh… You mean…

Mitzi: Yep! I took in a couple of birds. They seem to be enjoying their new home so far!

Opal: So it was these little ones all along? We were sure you were conversing with someone earlier!

Mitzi: I was talking to them! They’re quite smart, you know. We’re getting to be great friends!

Carmen: Hahaha! Mystery solved, I guess.

Mitzi: Shall I make introductions? I’m sure they’d love to get to know you!

Mitzi: Settle in! Stay awhile! I’ll show you some of the tricks I’ve been teaching them…

So, Mitzi does have new friends staying over. They’re just a little smaller than expected!

This was the first memory I was able to unlock in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. I have mixed feelings about the story it told. Mitzi, who seems to like birds as much as I do, seems like a character I might want to invite to my campsite.

As for Carmen and Opal, the remind me of the worst gossipy teenagers that I went to high school with. I won’t be inviting either of them to my campsite.

little birds’ coffee table

It is a very cute coffee table, and went very well with the rest of the items that came from Mitzi’s Aviary Cookies. My hope was that, eventually, I would get the cockatiel that sits on the player’s head, but that did not happen.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp reissues older item sets from time to time. Maybe someday I’ll get another opportunity to get it.

Update! Animal Crossing Pocket Camp reissued the Mitzy’s Aviary Cookies. This gave me the opportunity to try and get the cockatiel “hat”.

It’s always a good sign when your character starts singing before eating a Fortune Cookie!

I finally got the cockatiel that sits on the players head! It looks exactly like Max, my very first cockatiel, who passed away years ago. My Animal Crossing Pocket Camp character will be running around with Max forever.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: Mitzi’s Mystery Friend is a post written by Jen Thorpe on Book of Jen and is not allowed to be copied to other sites.

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