There was a time when I posted random haiku about my day on my Twitter account.  Each month, I gathered up those haiku and stuck them together in a post on my old blog.  What you see here is a diary of what my health was like in January of 2015.

Killed all the dust bunnies
That were trying to kill me
Mission accomplished
January 3, 2015

I found the limit
Of just how much Benadryl
I can tolerate
January 5, 2015

December was rough
Took enough Benadryl to
Scare Jim Morrison
January 5, 2015

Exhausted again
Acupuncture tomorrow
Maybe that will help
January 5, 2015

Feeling overwhelmed
Not only from the news today
Also health reasons
January 8, 2015

Sinus infection
Doctor’s appointment next week
Still no hot water
January 15, 2015

Annoying neighbors
Burning stuff outside
Makes allergies worse
January 18, 2015

Back from the doctor
Prescription for Epi-Pen
All set up for me
January 18, 2015

Managed allergies
Neighbors started burning stuff
I hate my neighbors
January 25, 2015

Tomorrow testing
For rheumatoid arthritis
Taking lots of blood
January 28, 2015

Exhausted today
Had blood taken yesterday
Not recovered yet
January 30, 2015

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