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I am participating in Blaugust2022, a fun event that lasts throughout the month of August. Those who participate typically end up posting a lot of content on their blogs (or vlogs) – which everyone gets to enjoy.

It is not too late to sign up and participate! We’ve got a really friendly, helpful group of people, many of whom do this every August. (More details here.)

I’m making an attempt to keep up with everything, and enjoying everyone’s creativity. There is something about having a deadline to hit that can push people to get back into regular blogging.

For example, today, I’m writing about Blaugust. There is something new added for 2022 – “Blaugchievements“. I’m using this blog post as a way to keep track of the Blaugchievements I complete this month. This is not my first attempt at Blaugust, which means I’ve already completed some of these by default. It’s like when you start playing a video game that doesn’t have achievements, and then the developers add some in – and you get “achievement spam” as the game counts the ones you earned.


  • Reading the Manual – Read the introductory blog post with the rules of the event. – COMPLETE!
  • Joining the CauseSign Up for Blaugust. – COMPLETE!
  • Recruit a Friend – Convince another blogger to participate in Blaugust.
  • Spreading the Madness – Promote Blaugust on your blog or through your social media of choice. – COMPLETE!
  • Friend of WumpusJoin the Blaugust Discord. – COMPLETE!
  • Sharing is Caring – Post your content in the “Share Your Content” Channel. – COMPLETE!
  • Forum of Friends – Take part in a discussion in the “Post Discussion” Channel.
  • The Pet Tax – Post a picture of an animal friend on the “Stuff and Things” Channel. – COMPLETE!
  • Friend Like Me – Answer a question posted on the Blaugust Discord or help out a new blogger.
  • Shared Thoughts – Comment on a blog post from another Blaugust participant. – COMPLETE!
  • Getting Inspired – Write a blog post inspired by a post from another Blaugust participant.
  • Pickup Group – Play a game or take part in an activity with one or more Blaugust participants.
  • Hot Topics – Write a blog post based on the Blaugust Prompt List. – COMPLETE!
  • Welcome Wagon – Write a blog post based on the first week’s theme of Welcoming Folks to Blaugust. – COMPLETE!
  • Introduce Yourself – Write a blog post based on the second week’s theme of Introducing Yourself. –COMPLETE!
  • Creative Appreciation – Write a blog post based on the third week’s theme Appreciating the works of some Creative or Company
  • Staying Motivated – Write a blog post based on the fourth week’s theme of how you have managed to stay motivated. – COMPLETE!
  • Lessons Learned – Write a blog post based on the fifth week’s theme explaining some of the Lessons you have Learned through Blaugust. – COMPLETE!
  • Going Platinum – Complete All of the Blaugchievements for Blaugust 2022.

I will be updating this blog post if/when I complete more of the Blaugust 2022 Blaugchievements.

I’ve also added a Category on Book of Jen called “Blaugust”. This post, and others like it, are going to be shuffled into that category.

Blaugchievements! is a post written by Jen Thorpe on Book of Jen and is not allowed to be copied to other sites. (With the exception of those participating in Blaugust 2022 and who want to copy-paste the list of Blaugchievements from this post.)

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