Episode 5 of Candy Crush Saga is called Minty Meadow.  The path that connects the levels, and many of the levels themselves, are a green color.  I’m not sure if the color palette for this Episode was intentionally selected, or if it just randomly worked out that way.

This Episode features a unicorn that has somehow lost its horn.  Or, perhaps it never managed to grow one?  It’s kind of strange.

What happened to this unicorn’s horn?  Your guess is a good as mine.

Unicorn: Alas, what is a unicorn without a horn? *sniff*

I earned 3 stars in every level of Episode 5 – Minty Meadow.

I completed Minty Meadow on January 13, 2016.

I earned the Lollipop Ranger award.

This is what the Lollipop Ranger award looks like in-game.  It sits next to the unicorn that lacked a horn and was crying about it at the start of the Episode.  When you complete Minty Meadow, the unicorn ends up with a horn made from lollipops that grew in a nearby tree.  The screenshot of the award says I earned 45 episode stars.

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