Episode 8 of Candy Crush Saga is called Salty Canyon.  It may sound strange to have an episode called Salty Canyon in a game that is focused on candy and sweets.  I think the name comes from the attitude displayed by the alien in Episode 8.

I found Episode 8 to be difficult and did not manage to get 3 stars in every level.  Originally, my goal was to stick with an Episode until I got all 3 stars in every level.  Salty Canyon made me decide to revise that goal (as necessary).

Episode 8 starts out with a spaceship that crashes into a mountain and cracks.

Look at that alien’s face!  He’s really “salty” about crashing his ship!

I got 3 stars in all but 2 levels in Salty Canyon.

I completed Episode 8 – Salty Canyon on May 20, 2016.

I earned the Licorice Astronaut award.

This is what the Licorice Astronaut award looks line in-game.  It says I got 43 episode stars.

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