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I am an immunocompromised person who is absolutely terrified about what will happen if the White House chooses to believe that “Covid is over”. Fortunately, The White House has a website where you can contact them and share your opinions/thoughts about specific policies. https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/

Here is what I wrote to President Biden:

Covid is not “over”. Your decision to call it over is going to put a whole lot of people who are immunocompromised (including myself) at risk of not only catching Covid, but also catching it over and over again.

Why do I think so? Because I’ve seen what happens when previous state governors/federal governments declare “Covid is over”. The first thing that happens is stores, restaurants, grocery stores, large conferences and other public spaces remove all of their Covid protections (masking no longer required, social distancing nonexistent, fewer people staying home when they are sick, removing proper air filtration).

Right after that, the cases of Covid go up again – often overwhelming local hospitals. Each and every time a government entity declares that “Covid is over” people die in greater numbers because they can’t get a doctor’s appointment and the hospitals and ERs are flooded with Covid cases. If this happens and there is a nursing strike – people are going to die from lack of access to Covid-related health care.

Another problem with your decision to officially end the Covid is that it will enable vaccine makers to dramatically increase the cost of getting a vaccine. People who have health insurance – might – be charged more for a Covid vaccine that should continue to be free for everyone who wants one. This is going to be extremely problematic for people who are uninsured and cannot pay the new, exorbitant, fee for a vaccine. That will lead to people – who wanted the protections a Covid vaccine can provide – to go without it because they can’t afford it.

Believing that “Covid is over” is going to get children in schools that dropped Covid protection killed. Their immune systems are still developing and the Covid virus is extremely spreadable.

I am asking you to reconsider the “Covid is over” concept. It is dangerous, and will cause immunocompromised people (and healthy ones) to die.

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