In this video, my Diablo III Monk continued working her way through Chapter II. She hit Level 60 in the previous video, which made it easy for her to complete some of the objectives. I tried my best to edit out the biggest flashing lights in this video – but there are some smaller ones that are still there.

Hitting level 60 means that she was able to fight Belial and Cydae and have it count for the Season Journey. She also completed a Nephalem Rift on Expert difficulty, instead of Hard difficulty, in an effort to level up a bit faster.

Characters who reach level 60 will have access to Death’s Breaths. Players will need one Death’s Breath to unlock the remaining levels for the Blacksmith, and another Death’s Breath to unlock the remaining levels of the Jeweler. (The Mystic doesn’t require Death’s Breath.)

Leveling up the crafters causes flashing lights, which I cut out of the video.

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