Season 29 of Diablo III offered players the opportunity to play in a brand new Solo Self Found mode. I decided to give this a try because I’ve been playing Diablo III by myself for a while. It makes it easier for me to feel comfortable while recording my gameplay.

Solo Self Found has rules. You can’t play with other people and you start off with zero gold.

The cool new thing in Season 29 the Visions of Enmity. These are portals called Diabolical Fissures that appear somewhere in Sanctuary’s wilderness. If you are strong enough, you can go through additional portals from there.

I found them to be interesting, and a really quick way to level up a Solo Self Found character. You can find loot and resources in the Diabolical Fissures that typically wouldn’t get with a low level character.

Objectives completed in this video:

  • Begin Again: Complete a Nephalem Rift. Use the Nephalem Obelisk in while in Adventure Mode to start a Nephalem Rift. (Chapter I)
  • A New Start: Complete 5 Bounties. Open up the Waypoint Map in Adventure Mode to see what Bounties are available. (Chapter I)
  • Let’s Get Started: Learn 5 Blacksmith Recipes (Chapter IV)
  • Tristram’s Most Wanted: Obtain a Bounty Cache. (Chapter III)
  • Fly To New Tristram: Kill the Skeleton King (Chapter I)
  • Automatic: Kill Magda (Chapter II)

My recording software stopped working shortly after that.

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