As you may have seen from my previous Diablo III blog, my Demon Hunter, ThirtySeven, and Shawn’s Barbarian, Smashez Stanzenfyr, where working their way through Act IV of Normal mode. Our goal was to get the two characters that we rolled on Launch Night through all of Normal difficulty before the one year anniversary of Diablo III. When we started this part of their adventure, Smashez was at level 31, and ThirtySeven was at level 32.

However, once again, I’ve managed to get my screenshots out of order. I wanted to include the cool stuff from Act IV anyway, so here’s some stuff that is kind of in random order. (I have since figured out a way to keep stuff from getting scrambled).

Fighting Iskatu resulted in Shawn getting an Achievement.

Attacking the Darkness:  Kill 20 Shadow Vermin, Gloom Wraiths, or Shade Stalkers at once.

NinePad helped us out with Hammermash.

Shawn got Beastmaster of Arreat: Read the following Bestiary lore books in Act III

Blood Clan Khazra, Colossal Golgor, Demon Flyer, Demonic Hell earer, Demonic Tremor, Demon Trapper, Herald of Pestilence, Hulking Phasebeast, Siegebreaker Assault Beast, Soul Ripper, Succubus, Tormented Stinger, Cydaea, the Maiden of Lust, Ghom, the Lord of Gluttony

Now, explain to me just how he managed to get an Achievement that is from Act III all the way out here in Act IV. We were in the Gardens of Hope 2nd Tier.

Here’s a couple of screenshots from that one room where the giant floor tiles pop up. Cool!


Smashez noticed the demons flying by, and, being a Barbarian, just had to take a swing at them.

I like this screenshot of Smashez fighting Izual.

Shawn and I both got the Achievement Fallen Angel: Kill Izual and his minions within 120 seconds of the start of the fight.

Ghost of Maurius

Turns into the Aspect of Destruction

Hex, Thrall of Azomdan

ThirtySeven takes on a pack of Morlu Legionnaires by herself (and then resurrects Smashez).

Ding! ThirtySeven hit level 33! (Smashez had hit level 32 somewhere along the way).

Grash the Revenant


This was where we decided to stop for the night. I don’t think Shawn was aware of it, but we stopped right before the battle with Diablo.

Progress: Almost done with Act IV of Normal mode. Smashez was now level 32. ThirtySeven was now level 33. Got some interesting Achievements, including one that Shawn somehow got in Act IV (that was supposed to be in Act III).

Stay tuned for the next blog, that will have some screenshots of the battle with Diablo!

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