My Barbarian is wearing a cosmetic set of armor that was available to those or pre-registered for Diablo Immortal. She is at Level 47

In this video, my Barbarian started out at Level 47. She attempted to join the Shadows. While waiting, she completed an Elder Rift, and then worked on some other stuff.

I find the Bounties in Diablo Immortal to be fun, so I sent my Barbarian over to the Bounty Board. There are typically plenty of players who also want to do some Bounties. I’m willing to wait for players to pick up some Bounties and then go off to finish them. This time, however, I noticed something wrong.

A Diablo Immortal screenshot that shows a group of players in front of the Bounty Board. Two of those players chose terrible names.

In the screenshot above, there are two players who chose terrible names for their characters. One named himself “Crazyjoe”, and the other named himself “LGB0FJB”. These are two extremely political (and mean) names that should not be allowed in a game that emphasizes teaming up with other players.

There is I found information on Blizzard’s website that shows you exactly how to report inappropriate language or names in Diablo Immortal. It wasn’t me who reported them. I didn’t know how yet!

Two pages of the Bestiary are unlocked. One side gives inforamtion about The Countess. The other has a full-color image of her. She is a pale woman with white hair. She wears dark clothing and holds a blood red sword. There are wings on he back.

The Countess is the coolest thing I’ve unlocked in the Bestiary.

After that, my Barbarian completed some Bounties in Dark Wood and Shassar Sea.

The words "Rank Increased" is above a crest. Below it are the words "Initiate II"

My Barbarian became a Shadow, and that opened up a lot more stuff to do!


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