A Barbarian, wearing the matching armor set that players could obtain by pre-registering for Diablo Immortal, glares at you. She has a helmet with horns, and carries one large axe in each hand.

In this video, my Barbarian traveled around the map in an effort to complete some Bounties. I find the Bounties in Diablo Immortal to be very fun!

One of the things I really like about Diablo Immortal is the Bounties. The game lets you pick which ones you want to do – and you are not penalized for choosing to skip the ones you don’t happen to like. There is a chest reward after you complete one Bounty, and more if you complete a set of three Bounties (total).

This system is very different from the Bounties in Diablo III, where you have to complete a full set before you can earn anything of value from completing them.


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