My Pocket Camp character stands in front of a Fright-Night Gyroidite that looks like a pumpkin with glowing eyes. It is wearing a purple witch's hat.

Jack’s Fright Night Scavenger Hunt started on October 21, 2020, and ended on October 28, 2020. It is the third part is a trio of events that connected to each other. It was preceded by Jack’s Creepy Conjuring and Fishing Tourney (Potions).

The Fright-Night Scavenger Hunt had players searching for Fright-Night Gyroidites. They are used to craft a variety of items that are connected to a specific Scavenger Hunt event. This time, the Gyroidites look like pumpkins, with glowing eyes, that are wearing purple witches hats.

My Pocket Camp character is standing next to a blackbird who is a mechanic. Behind them is a Volkswagen bus-like camper. The top is white, the middle is black, and the bottom is orange. Halloween colors!

I turned my camper into a Halloween-themed paint job.

Fright-Night Furniture Rewards included:

A purple post holds up a round streetlight that looks like an orange pumpkin. There is a banner hanging off the streetlight that is purple, with two black bat shapes flying on it. Below the bats is an orange pumpkin that has pointed ears and bat fangs.

fright-night streetlight

The fright-night dance floor is square. It is segmented into different pieces, turning each side into a triangular shape that connects in the center. The middle looks like a yellow and orange spider web. There are purple designs toward the ends of the dance floor.

fright-night dance floor

Fright-night balloons are a pile of balloons in purple, orange, yellow, and white. There are a few bat shaped balloons. Some balloons have stripes, or dots, on them. The balloons have been shaped into a one structure, with all the balloons attached to it.

fright-night balloons

There was also a fright-night stage, which required more fright-night gyrodites than I was able to collect. Sometimes, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp re-issues items. I might be able to buy it with Leaf Tickets if and when it reappears.

Fright-Night Clothing Rewards included:

The pumpkin treat basket looks like a plastic Halloween pumpkin with a handle on top of it. The pumpkin is stuffed full of sweets. Players can carry this item around with them.

pumpkin treat basket

The purple fright-night hat has a pointed shape. Light and dark purple stripes, at an angle, cover the hat. The hat has a pumpkin with a face on it, and two flying bats. The hat has a purple decoration going around the part nearest the wearer's face. The decoration looks itchy.

purple fright-night hat

The orange fright-night hat has alternating yellow and orange strips going on a diagonal slant. The top of the hat is cone shaped, and has a yellow pumpkin with a face and two purple flying bats on it. The part nearest the person's face has a yellow decoration that looks itchy.

orange fright-night hat

A white shirt with light brown stains has what appear to be several linen strips winding across it. It looks like something a mummy would be wrapped in.

mummy shirt

A pair of pants is made from strips of white and grey linen. It looks like something a mummy would be wrapped in.

mummy pants

My Pocket Camp character is wearing a purple fright-night hat and the trick-or-treat dress (which looks like one of those plastic Halloween costumes kids buy from stores. Next to her is a player who is wearing a helmet that makes them look like King Tut. They are also wearing the mummy shirt and mummy pants. And red shoes, for some reason.

I don’t know who this player was, but they made really good use of the mummy shirt and pants. The King Tut helmet was not part of the Fright-Night Scavenger Hunt.

There were a few more clothing items that players could obtain. Unfortunately, they all cost more Leaf Tickets than I happened to have at the time.

There were three Happy Homeroom classes connected to the Fright-Night Scavenger Hunt:

Jack's pumpkin head is in a circle. Next to it is a square showing a tiny image of Fright Night class. At the bottom is a box showing all the items that are required.

Fright Night is the first class in the series.

Lottie stands at the top of a list of items. She says "These items would fit nicely!"

This class required the fright-night streetlight, the mummy shirt, and a barrel planter.

The barrel planter is made from a wooden barrel with metal parts that would have held it together if it was in one piece. It has two wooden x shaped supports holding it up. The sideways half-barrel has a variety of plants and flowers growing out of it.

barrel planter

My Pocket Camp character is wearing the purple fright-night hat and the trick-or-treat dress. She stands outside, looking at Jack and Lottie. Behind them are a variety of items that are part of the Fright-Night event.

Ready to start!

A screenshot shows the items necessary for the Fright-Night 1 class. There are three items that are highlighted that the player must put into place.

The highlighted boxes show where the player needed to put the required items.

My Pocket Camp character looks out at the viewer. She is making a face. Jack and Lottie are happy. My Pocket Camp character successfully completed Fright-Night 1 class.


Jack's head is in a round circle. A dark box shows some items that glow in the dark. Below that is a box that shows some of the items that Fright Night 2 class requires.

Fright Night 2 class required different items than the previous class did.

Ready to start!

A bronze and yellow candelabra holds three white candles that are shaped like white torches. Flames are on the top of each candle.


This class required the orange fright-night hat, fright-night balloons, and a candelabra. It also wanted the fright-night dress but I didn’t have enough Leaf Tickets to buy it.

The highlighted boxes are the ones that show the items that the player needed to place. I swapped the fright-night dress with the trick-or-treat dress. Close enough?

My Pocket Camp character looks out at the viewer. Jack and Lottie are reasonably pleased with my attempt at the Fright-Night 2 class.

I got two stars in this class, instead of three.

Jack's head is in a circle. Next to him is a box showing some of the Fright-Night three class. Below it is a box with items - some of which I do not have.

Fright Night 3 is the final class in this series.

This class required several of the same items that were part of the previous two classes. It wanted the fright-night dress and the fright-night stage – which I still didn’t have. For some reason, a cheese tart was also a required item.

My Pocket Camp is thinking hard about where to put the required items. Jack and Lottie are watching her. Behind them is an unfinished scene where my character must place more items into.

Ready to start Fright Night 3 class!

An above view of an outdoor Halloween scene. The highlighted squares show where the player needed to put the items.

The highlighted areas are the ones where the player had to put an item into.

My Pocket Camp character holds a clipboard and looks out at the viewer. Next to her, Jack and Lottie look pleased.

Good enough!

A box shows I earned three ribbons in fright night class 1, two in fright night class 2, and two in fright night class 3.

I ended up with a total of seven ribbons. Not bad, considering there were items I didn’t have!

Cyrus can make things that the player wants to use. From memory, I think this item may have come from some of the reissued Halloween items.

After obtaining more of the things that the third class required – I improved and got more ribbons.

Jack: What’s this? You still have some magic hat bats and presto pumpkins left over?!

Jack: I’ve got places to brighten, moods to lighten… and lots of folks to frighten! Hee hee hee!”

Jack: Well dear subject, it is time for your monarch to bid you a very fond farewell.

Jack: Very well- I shall happily relieve you of them!

(Jack is referring to the hat bats and presto pumpkins that were left over.)

This is the outcome the third set of classes connected to this event.

Jack: Have a happy Halloween!


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