A glowing Crusader, in full armor, carries a shield and a flail. There are glowing footprints behind her. At the top corner, it says "Dark Wood".

In this video, my Crusader started off at Level 22. She entered a Challenge Rift for the first time.

I start off by explaining how I accidentally misgendered the Blacksmith. When I record these videos, I cannot hear the sounds in the game. I figured Charsi was either a woman – if so, that would make her the first Blacksmith that was a woman. Or, perhaps the Blacksmith was nonbinary, based on the image.

The answer to my questions about Charsi’s gender was revealed not long after I started playing. She sent me on a quest in Dark Wood.

I started out looking at the Codex and claiming a reward called Westmarch. I also earned some Salvage related achievements. I will need to remember to keep looking at that. You have to click on each achievement that you earn before you can obtain the loot.

My Crusader completed a Challenge Rift Level 1. There is a leaderboard connected to the Challenge Rifts. A player can do the Challenge Rift solo, or bring in some other players to help. It took me a little while to understand how to navigate my way through the Challenge Rift. It was fun, and there was lots of loot.

Upon leaving the Challenge Rift, my Crusader followed a set of glowing footprints that led me back to Charsi. She sent me on some quests that take place in the Dark Woods area. One of the things I like about these quests is that the entire quest chain is (almost) all women. That’s not something I’ve seen very often in a video game.

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