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In this video, my Crusader picks up where she left off in the previous video. I enjoyed the quests, and the scenery, in the Dark Wood area.

Shortly after fighting some enemies, my Crusader got a notification about a Daily Reward. It turned out to be an item called Vicious Hero’s Companion of Fortitude. It was an upgrade to what my Crusader was currently using.

Eventually, my Crusader got to meet Akara, someone who seems to be very important to the Sisters of the Sightless Eye. I also learned that the camp area gives the player the ability to access their stash.

One of the interesting things in Diablo Immortal is that you can encounter other players who are working their way through the same quests that you are. It makes the game feel more populated than Diablo III does.

The most interesting thing in the camp (other than the storyline) is the Horadric Beastiary. This was the first time I encountered it. To use it, a player must kill a certain kind of monster and pick up Monster Essence. Use the Monster Essence in the Beastiary to learn more about that type of monster.

During the Closed Alpha, the Beastiary wasn’t entirely revealed to the player. Once this game is released, I intend to see how many of the beasts within in it I can unlock.

My Crusader ended the video at Level 24.

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