I am still very amused with the Flight Rising game. Part of what attracts me to it is, of course, that it has dragons. Mostly, though, it is the awesome artwork that keeps things interesting. Here is a quick update on what I’ve been doing in Flight Rising since the last time I posted about it. All of the artwork in this post is copyright of Flight Rising.

In the previous post, I mentioned that I put two baby dragons on the Auction House. They were from the second breeding of my original two dragons, Shadowspawn (female Guardian) and Bob (male Fae). Both of the babies were purchased by … some other player. I’ve no idea who.

I was curious to see where those babies ended up. To do this, I needed to click on either Shadowspawn or Bob. The game automatically makes a list of all the babies that a particular dragon spawns. I learned that each baby was given the same name, “Plague”, and both had been exalted.

The babies got purchased shortly before the tally for “Flight Dominance” happened. Each flight gets points based upon how many dragons they exalted that week. So, what happened was that some other player, in the Plague Flight, went on the Auction House, purchased some inexpensive dragons, and immediately exalted them for the points. It worked, and the Plague Flight won Dominance.

This kind of bothers me. I did not know about that particular strategy before I put the babies on the Auction House. It probably would have been smarter for me to have gone ahead and exalted them myself (and earned points for my team, Shadow Flight). Lesson learned. I doubt I will use the Auction House next time I need to remove some dragons from my Lair.

In other news, I bred two dragons. Pepto (a female Fae) is a daughter of my “starter dragons”. Her mate, Santos (a male Guardian) came from the Auction House. Their nest had three eggs. I’m not quite sure what I will do with babies.

I spent time this week trying to level (many of) my dragons in the Colosseum. It seems to be a good way to get food, loot, and other random cool items. I got three familiars as a reward for winning some battles.

The Leafy Moth was assigned to Bob. Pepto got the Deaths-Head stag. Bulah got the Autumn Dryad. Every day, you can click on a dragon’s familiar, and it will slowly gain trust and like the dragon a bit more. It also brings you some gold and sometimes other presents.

To my surprise, I earned my first achievement. My best guess is that only the battle related achievements are working right now.

Brawler: Defeat 100 enemies in the Coliseum. – Points: 10 – Earned 2013-11-18

One of the battles dropped a maroon tail wrap. It is “apparel”, and doesn’t give your dragon any extra defense or hit points in battle. I decided it would look best on Santos.

Current dragon levels:
Shadowspawn – 5
Bob – 5
Pepto – 5
Bulah – 5
Santos – 5
Legend – 5
Smokey – 3
Sassafras – 3
Few – 3

Smokey didn’t have a mate. I’m trying to get some diversity in my dragon lair. So, I went to the Auction House to buy her a mate. Darby is a male Windclaw dragon. (There weren’t any of that breed in my Lair yet, and I think it is a rare breed). I named him myself, based on his color. Darby is an Irish surname that means “dark”.

Darby is still too young to go to the Colosseum, so he is a level 1 dragon.

Goals for next time:
* Hatch the eggs from the first breeding of Pepto and Santos.
* Figure out what to do with the three babies.
* Keep leveling dragons
* There are now cloaks that only drop from battles. I want some! They look like dragon blankets. They are a random, and rare, drop, so my chances of getting one are slim. But, I want some!

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