Flight Rising is a game where you control a Lair full of dragons. One of the things you can do with your dragons is breed them. I decided to see what would happen if I bred my rather plain looking Coatl dragon with my “eyesore” Coatl dragon (who was wearing a skin that made her much easier on the eyes).

My plan was to end up with one more Coatl dragon, so I could make a team of them for the Colosseum. The extra ones would go into the Auction House, where I hoped they would sell. Things did not go exactly as planned.

All of the artwork in this post is copyright of Flight Rising.

Would anyone want to buy a couple of (potentially ugly) Coatl dragons from me?  I suspected it was possible, but unlikely.  Not everyone loves ugly dragons.  The Coatl breed has been around for long enough where players won’t see them as special anymore (or, so I suspected).  Worst case scenario, I would end up “stuck” with a couple of extra dragons.

Jacinto is a male Coatl.
Primary: Blue Iridescent
Secondary: Steel Shimmer
Tertiary: Sky Gembond

Xochi is a female Coatl.
Primary: Avocado Iridescent
Secondary: Caribbean Seraph
Tertiary: Magenta Gembond

Jacinto is rather plain, so I brightened him up a bit with some apparel.  Xochi has so many bright colors that she could be considered an “eyesore”.  I intentionally bought an ugly female Coatl dragon because I had a lovely skin that she could wear.  It didn’t matter to me what genes she had because all I would see was the pretty, purple, skin.

The thing to remember when breeding dragons is that the cosmetic effects you added to them don’t matter.  The babies will inherit the genes the parents had (or, sometimes, they end up with genes that are next to the ones the parents had on the color wheel).

I was expecting some extremely ugly baby dragons.  Here are just a few examples of what the babies of Jacinto and Xochi might have looked like:

Those babies weren’t as ugly as I was expecting!  Some of them are kind of drab.  Maybe I would end up with at least one nice looking baby Coatl.

Whoa!  Spoke too soon!   Some of these are definitely “eyesores”.

This potential batch of babies was a mixed bag.  Some are kind of drab.  I liked the way the tan gems looked on the first baby, though.

These babies aren’t too bad… as babies.  I’m not sure what they would look like as grown up Coatl dragons, though.

Jacinto and Xochi had 3 eggs.  To be honest, I would have been happy with 1 egg.  With 3 eggs, I’m going to have to put 2 babies on the Auction House and hope that they sell.  To be honest, my track record at selling baby dragons isn’t so good.

Coatl babies are cute, no matter what colors they end up being.  I love the colors on the first baby, so that was the one I planned on keeping.

Achoo is a male Coatl.
Primary: Sky Iridescent
Secondary: Steel Seraph
Tertiary: Platinum Gembond

Here is what Achoo looked like as an adult dragon.

The other two baby dragons have been placed on the Auction House twice now, and they keep coming back. I’ve decided to just keep them and make the babies into a team of dragons for the Colosseum (after they grow up).

Salud is a female Coatl.
Primary: Blue Iridescent
Secondary: Caribbean Seraph
Tertiary: Coal Gembond

Here is what Salud looked like as an adult dragon.

Yaz is a male Coatl.
Primary: Emerald Iridescent
Secondary: Denim Seraph
Tertiary: Ice Gembond

Here is what Yaz looked like as an adult dragon.

What have I learned from this little experiment?  I confirmed that the skin you put on a dragon has absolutely no effect on what that dragon’s babies will look like. I learned that players aren’t really interested in buying baby Coatl dragons (even if they have Gembond).  I learned that my original plan, to end up with one more Coatl so that I could make a Colosseum team, wasn’t going to work out as planned.  Oh, well.  I can still make a team from the three baby dragons.

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