The Cragbacked Bouldursa was part of the 2014 Rockbreaker’s Ceremony in Flight Rising. It is an annual event that takes place at the end of November. This year, all of the holiday Familiars are bears. (Last time, they were Sprites).

The best and easiest way to get a holiday Familiar is to do it while the Elemental Festival is going on. If you miss that opportunity, it gets much more difficult to obtain one. There is a chance that someone may be selling the Familiar that you need in the Auction House. Expect the price to be high!

Or, it is possible that the Familiar might re-appear as part of a festival that takes place in December. If you are trying to collect all the holiday Familiars, your best chance is to get one while its Festival is taking place. All of the artwork in this blog is copyright of Flight Rising.

There is a simple way to find out if an Elemental Festival is taking place.  Visit the section in Flight Rising that is called “Festive Favors”.  If there is no festival going on, you will see an image of a closed cart.  If there is a festival happening, you will see an open cart that is selling unique wares.

Each Elemental Festival is connected to one of the eleven dragon Flights.  The one for the Earth Flight takes place at the end of November.  It is called the Rockbreaker’s Ceremony.  It’s cart looks like this:

The awesome items that you see in the Festive Favors cart cannot be purchased with Treasure (the in-game currency) or Gems (a currency you can sometimes earn in-game, but typically have to purchase with real world money).  Instead, you must buy them with the special holiday currency that goes with the particular Elemental Holiday event.  How do you obtain it?  All you have to do is select the Earth Flight in the drop down boxes in the Gathering section of Flight Rising.  The holiday currency will randomly drop.

The name of the currency that is used in the Rockbreaker’s Ceremony is called  Deepearth Geode. You need 35 of them if you want to purchase the holiday Familiar.

Deepearth Geode: – Holiday Item – A brilliant geode, dug from one of the deepest quarries in Dragonhome.  This one can be traded at the Festive Favors shop during the Rockbreaker’s Ceremony – Sell Value: 0

This time, the only thing I purchased was the Cragbacked Bouldursa Familiar.  I had some Deepearth Geode currency leftover from last year that I was able to use this year.  That made it a lot easier to get the 35 that I needed.  In other words, it is worth it to hang on to your “leftover” currency after an Elemental Festival ends.

Cragbacked Bouldursa: – Familiar – Guardian of Dragonhome.  (Rockbreaker’s Ceremony 2014) – Sell Value: 0

I have now dedicated one blog to each of the 11 Elemental Festivals that take place in Flight Rising.  I’m not sure what will happen in December, but if it seems significant, then I will very likely post a blog about it.

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