One of the fun things to do in Flight Rising is to breed dragons and see what their babies end up looking like.  There are several achievements that can only be earned if your dragons produce a baby that has a certain “special” gene.

I’ve been trying to get the Glossy Finish Achievement, but so far, all attempts have resulted in failure.  All of the artwork in this post is copyright of Flight Rising.

The Glossy Finish Achievement requires you to get two of your dragons to produce a baby that has the Iridescent Primary gene.  My first attempt didn’t work out.  This time, I selected two new dragons as parents and hoped for the best.

Tarkin is a male Imperial.
Primary: Charcoal Iridescent
Secondary: Sky Shimmer
Tertiary: Black Underbelly

Pepper is a female Snapper.
Primary: Jungle Speckle
Secondary: Jungle Basic
Tertiary: Tomato Basic

They only produced one egg! I was hoping to get lucky, and that the baby would have the Iridescent gene.

Cute little guy!

Stonewash is a male Snapper.
Primary: Black Speckle
Secondary: Stonewash Basic
Tertiary: White Basic

Stonewash did not end up with the Primary Iridescent gene.  Glossy Finish Achievement fail (again)!  Right now, I’m not sure that I will make any more attempts to get this achievement.  If it happens, it happens.

UPDATE:  Here is what Stonewash looks like as an adult.

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