There are many different Achievements that can be earned in the Flight Rising game. Personally, I think that Achievements make video games more fun. Some of the ones in Flight Rising are earned by chance.  (For example, a dragon hatches from an egg that just so happened to have a certain “special” gene). Others can be earned from effort on the part of a player.  The In Tune With Runes Achievement is a bit of both.

To earn that Achievement, you have to gather up one of each type of rune.   One way to get them is to purchase them from the Auction House.  Another way is hope they appear as a random drop while you are doing your usual gathering. All of the artwork in this post is copyright of Flight Rising.

In Tune with the Runes: – Have all eleven elemental runestones in your Hoard. – Points: 30 – Earned: 2014-06-20

This rune is the Shadow Runestone.  It connects with the Flight that my Dragon Lair is in.  All of the runestones have text descriptions that are similarly worded.  The only difference is the name of the runestone, and the dragon deity that it connects to.

Shadow Runestone: – Dragonmade Material – An ancient stone bearing the ancestral rune of the Shadowbinder.  Such a find should be kept as a prized possession.  – Sell Value: 110

Here is what the other ten runestones look like:

Arcane runestone (Arcanist), Earth runestone (Earthshaker), Fire runestone (Flamecaller),

Ice runestone (Icewarden), Lightning runestone (Stormcatcher)

Light runestone (Lightweaver), Nature runestone (Gladekeeper), Plague runestone (Plaguebringer)

Water runestone (Tidelord), Wind runestone (Windsinger)

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