The Flight Rising Legacy Challenge is a 10 generation breeding challenge. The goal is to start with an ungened starter dragon and end up with an attractive triple gened dragon.

There are specific rules and limitations that you must follow while you are doing this challenge. For example, the mate of your Founder dragon must be from the same Dragon Flight. The Heir dragon (who becomes the next Founder) is always the first dragon hatched from a clutch of eggs. It makes the challenge more interesting. In this blog, I will focus on my fourth generation of dragons. All of the artwork in this post is copyright of Flight Rising.

The dragons of the third generation produce dragons that become the fourth generation.  My third generation dragons were Shamika and Tricky.  I posted what they looked like as babies in a previous blog about the third generation of dragons.  Here is what they look like as adults.

Shamika is a female Tundra.
Primary: Obsidian Basic
Secondary: Blue Basic
Tertiary: Blue Basic

Shamika is the Founder dragon of the Third Generation.  I’ve been marking the Founders by putting a Frigid Emblem on their heads.  Shamika did get to wear it, but I forgot to take a screenshot of her with it on.

Tricky is a male Guardian.
Primary: Navy Blue
Secondary: Blue Basic
Tertiary: Navy Gembond

What kind of babies would these two dragons produce?

One thing was for certain – the first baby to hatch would be the Heir.  That Heir would become the Founder of the Fourth Generation of dragons.  I put Tricky and Shamika into the Nesting Ground when they were both ready to breed. I like to use the “preview” tool to see what kind of offspring they might produce.

Hopefully, they wouldn’t end up making super ugly babies.  Even if they did, I would still have to use the first one for the next generation in the challenge.   My hope was that Shamika’s Secondary and Tertiary Blue gene, and Tricky’s Secondary Blue gene, would make a baby that had at least two blue genes.

The preview tool indicated that they could, potentially, produce some very blue babies. This screenshot shows a possible scenario where the first baby dragon is very blue in color and has inherited its father’s Tertiary Navy Gembond gene.  That gave me some hope (even though I know you need two parent dragons who each have the Gembond gene in order for a baby to end up with it).

Shamika and Tricky produced two eggs. This was a good number.  It meant that I wouldn’t have a bunch of extra babies to exalt or send to the Auction House.

They ended up producing some very nice looking babies.  Neither had the “special” Gembond gene (but I wasn’t really expecting that they would inherit it). The first dragon in the row automatically becomes the Heir.  When that dragon becomes an adult, he or she becomes the Founder of the next generation.

Soar is a female Guardian.
Primary: Storm Basic
Secondary: Blue Basic
Tertiary: Blue Basic

Here is what Soar looked like as an adult.  I remembered to take a screenshot of her wearing the Frigid Emblem.

Songmoon is a female Guardian.
Primary: Royal Basic
Secondary: Blue Basic
Tertiary: Navy Basic

This worked out well!  The first dragon had two Blue Basic genes.  If the order had been reversed, I’d have ended up with an Heir that had three completely different genes.  The goal is to end up with an attractive triple gened dragon.  It would have been harder to get there from here with Songmoon than with Soar.

Here is what Songmoon looked like after she became an adult.  I put her on the Auction House, and the person who bought her exalted her.  (I will be doing a blog with all the dragons that got exalted while I was working on the Flight Rising Legacy Challenge after I complete it).

The next step was to find a mate for Soar.  One thing I learned while doing the Flight Rising Legacy Challenge is that you should purchase a mate for your Founder dragon right away (while they are still a baby and an Heir). This can sometimes lessen the time between when one dragon in the pair is ready to mate and when the other will be ready.  It doesn’t always work, especially if the two dragons are different breeds (like a Guardian and a Tundra, for example).  I still feel that it is worth a try, though.

The Challenge requires you to purchase a mate – you cannot use one that is already in your Dragon Lair.  I ended up buying my first Coatl dragon!

Jacinto is a male Coatl.
Primary: Blue Iridescent
Secondary: Steel Shimmer
Tertiary: Sky Gembond

Jacinto was an adult dragon when I bought him.  His name came from the Random Name Generator in the game. Jacinto has three “special” genes that he has a chance of passing on to his offspring.  As you can see, his Primary Gene is Blue Iridescent.  Soar’s Secondary and Tertiary Genes are both Blue Basic.  My hope is that together, they will produce a baby dragon that has three blue genes.  If I’m really lucky, that dragon will be the Heir (and not one of the “extra” dragons).

Part of the rules in the Flight Rising Legacy Challenge place a limit on the amount of Treasure you can spend on the mate.  For the Fourth Generation, you are allowed to spend up to 40,000 Treasure. Jacinto was being sold for exactly 40,000 on the Auction House.

At the time I am writing this blog, Jacinto has 7 more days before he will be ready to breed.  Soar is ready now.  They are the Fourth Generation in the Challenge.  When they “match”, I will send them to the Hatching Grounds to produce the Fifth Generation of dragons.

* First Generation – Founder – no points
* First Generation – Mate – no points
* Second Generation – 3 hatchlings, all Tundra (1 point for each) – 3 points
* Second Generation – Treasure Genes (3 points for each) – Unnamed male has Blue Underbelly – 3 points
* Second Generation – Gem Genes (5 points for each) – Unnamed female has Maize Shimmer – 5 points
* Second Generation – Double colors (3 points each) – Fluffy has Secondary Blue Basic and Tertiary Blue Basic – 3 points – Fluffy is the heir, so that means the points double and become – 6 points
* Third Generation – 5 hatchlings, all Tundra (1 point for each) – 5 points
* Third Generation – 5 egg nest – 1 point
* Third Generation – 4 babies had double colors Secondary Blue Basic and Tertiary Blue Basic – 3 points each. Shamika is the heir, so her 3 points double to 6 points. 3+3+3+6= 15 points
* Fourth Generation – 2 hatchlings, both Guardian (1 point for each) – 2 points
* Fourth Generation – double colors – Soar had Secondary Blue Basic and Tertiary Blue Basic – 3 points.  Soar is the heir, so her points double – 6 points

TOTAL: 49 Points

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