Flight Rising is a browser-based game where the player controls a Lair full of dragons. Each dragon can be assigned a Familiar. Some Familiars are connected to in-game holidays. The Obscuring Goblin is one of them.

All of the artwork in this post is copyright of Flight Rising.

The Obscuring Goblin was the holiday Familiar for the 2017 Trickmurk Circus holiday. The event began on February 19, 2017, and ended on February 25, 2017.

Obscuring Goblin: Familiar – The eyes of the Shadowbinder (Trickmurk Circus Holiday Familiar 2017.)

I gave the Obscuring Goblin to Elysia because he didn’t have a Familiar yet, and also because the Obscuring Goblin, and Elysia, had the same aesthetic.

Here is what Elysia looked like as a hatchling dragon.

Elysia is a male Bogsneak

  • Primary: Eggplant Iridescent
  • Secondary: Blackberry Butterfly
  • Tertiary: Violet Glimmer
  • Eye Type: Light Common

Here is what Elysia looked like as an adult dragon.

I collected enough special in-game currency to purchase some Apparel that would look good on Elysia. Like the holiday Familiar, the easiest way to obtain holiday apparel is while the event is happening.

Elysia is wearing Trickster’s Magic Cards.

Trickster’s Magic Cards: Apparel – In the right claws, a mesmerizing deck of cards. The wielder always seems to know just which one you chose! (Trickmurk Circus Holiday Item 2017.)

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