The Shadow Sprite Familiar was the Trickmurk Circus Holiday Familiar for 2014.   The Trickmurk Circus is the Elemental Holiday that takes place at the end of February.

Those who did not manage to obtain this Familiar during the holiday will not be able to obtain one (unless someone is selling them on the Auction House).  All of the artwork in this post is copyright of Flight Rising.

There are many different Elemental Holidays in Flight Rising. The Trickmurk Circus holiday is connected to the Shadow Flight. It takes place in the last week of February.

To participate, players needed to visit the Festive Favors Shop. This is how to find out what exclusive items are being offered as part of any Elemental Holiday. You cannot use Treasure or Gems to buy them. Instead, there will be a special collectible currency that must be used.

The special currency used for the Trickmurk Circus is called Shimmering Pinecone.

Shimmering Pinecone: – Holiday Item – A luminescent pinecone, glittering with moon dust.  This can be traded at the Festive Favors shop during the Trickmurk Circus. – Sell Value: 0

How do you obtain a Shimmering Pinecone?  All you have to do is gather them.  Use the drop down menu under Hunting, Fishing, Insect Catching, Foraging, Digging, and Scavenging, and select “Shadow”.  The Shimmering Pinecone will randomly drop as you gather.

Spend 35 Shimmering Pinecones (while the Trickmurk Circus is going on) to buy a Shadow Sprite.

Shadow Sprite: Familiar – Entourage of the Shadowbinder.  (Trickmurk Circus Holiday Familiar 2014.) – Sell Value: 0

My dragon lair is part of the Shadow Flight.  I decided to buy two Shady Emblems for my starter dragons to wear.

Shady Emblem: – Apparel – A glowing shadow rune; the sign of a true magical adept. (Trickmurk Circus Holiday Item) – Sell Value: 0

Shadowspawn is a female Guardian.
Primary: Silver Basic
Secondary: Storm Basic
Tertiary: Green Basic

Bob is a male Fae.
Primary: Forest Basic
Secondary: Banana Basic
Tertiary: Ivory Basic

I had something completely unexpected happen during the Trickmurk Circus.  I was doing some gathering in the hopes of collecting more Shimmering Pinecones.  A Hideshadow Chest dropped.  I’d never seen or heard of that before!

Hideshadow Chest: – Chest – This box is surrounded by a clinging, mysterious mist.  As you approach, the lock begins to glow and the mist dissipates.

Inside was 1 Gem, 2500 Treasure, and something new – a skin!

It turned out to be a special skin called “Hidden in Shadow”.

Skin: Hidden in Shadow – Coatl Female Only – Trickmurk Circus 2014.  (1/10) Designed by Gryffion.

At this moment, I don’t have any Coatl dragons at all.  My intent is to purchase one, someday, when the prices drop a bit.  They are super expensive on the Auction House right now!  I wasn’t sure whether I wanted a male or a female.  Seems the answer is that I should get a female Coatl dragon first.

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