I was playing around with the Noblegarden event because I find it to be really fun. I actually finished all of the achievements for it on my main. She is now Zoeiei the Noble. Didn’t manage to finish it with my alts, though. Perhaps next year.

Here are some fun screenshots from my experiences with Noblegarden.  These screenshots were taken on April 10, 11, 12, 14, and 15 of 2012.

What could be cuter than a bunny sitting next to a baby polar bear cub?

How about a bunny with a balloon?

A Spring Rabbit with static cling. Bunny defying gravity.

I actually got the Swift Springstrider Mount from a Brightly Colored Egg. I overheard other players in Goldshire say that they got their mount that way, but, this being Goldshire, I didn’t automatically believe them. It turned out to be true – some eggs did randomly contain the holiday mount.

Riglee put on the Elegant Dress, and gave Hansbrix the White Tuxedo Shirt and Black Tuxedo Pants to help him get the Blushing Bride Achievement. The bunny ears came from some random player.

Blushing Bride: Kiss someone wearing an Elegant Dress while wearing White Tuxedo Shirt and Black Tuxedo Pants.

If you’re gonna do the Blushing Bride Achievement, on a female toon, why not make it special?

Hansbrix was kind enough to help Riglee with this one. This was the funnest thing I did in all of Noblegarden. Could not stop giggling!!!

This, too, made me giggle hysterically!

Human male wearing White Tuxedo Shirt and Black Tuxedo Pants and pole dancing. Only in Goldshire!

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