This post is an update about my health and my most recent visit to my rheumatologist.  Nothing bad happened.

Here’s what got done:

Rheumatologist at first thought I only had fibromyalgia.  Not sure why.

He signed a medical exemption for me so I don’t have to go to jury duty.  Wrote “fibromyalgia” on the form, signed his name, good to go.  I mailed the form yesterday.  I’m hoping this will be the end of the constant jury duty summons.  Got five of them in the 10 years I’ve lived here.  Served on a jury that took an entire week the first time.  DONE! (I hope)

He gave me a copy of the blood test that I had done a while ago.  Several tests, actually.  Learned I had been taking too much vitamin D.  Will be bringing a copy of the results to my acupuncturist so she can help me figure out how much vitamin D I need to take (if any).  Big improvement over last year when I was so low on vitamin D I scared my doctor.

Going to get a copy of my rheumatologist’s notes sometime this week that I can take with me to my disability hearing in November.

Rheumatologist wouldn’t sign off on a medical marijuana card – but that’s ok.  I live in California.

At the last minute, when I was checking out at the front office, rheumatologist rushes over to tell me something.  He looked at my lab work, and it turned out I DO have rheumatoid factor (or something like that) after all.  So, I do have rheumatoid arthritis (and fibromyalgia) and he wants to see me more frequently now than he did before.

Next appointment is a few days after the general election.  No matter who ends up becoming our next President, that person won’t have the time to completely fuck up my ability to access affordable health insurance in that short a time.  I get one more rheumatology appointment – that’s for certain.

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