unhallowed-essence-set-dungeon-mastery-attempt-season-7Season 7 was the first time I had the opportunity to try out the Champion part of the Season Journey.  I gave it my best try, but was unable to complete it.

Even so, this was the farthest I’ve gotten through the Season Journey.  I wish I could have done better – but I’m not disappointed in what I accomplished.

This is what the Champion part of the Season Journey looked like when you first unlock it.

champion-season-journey-season-7Players must unlock and complete all four Chapters of the Season Journey, and the Slayer part of the Season Journey, before they can unlock Champion.

nothing-but-the-best-champion-season-7Nothing But the Best: Craft a Flawless Royal gem at the Jewelcrafter.

nothing-but-the-best-completed-season-7The good news is that it does not matter which type of gem you choose to craft for this objective.  Any flavor will do!

The bad news is that the only way to earn this objective is to spend a whole lot of gold.  For me, this wasn’t a problem.  Earlier in the Season, I put the Spaulders of Zakara into Kanai’s Cube.  It causes your items to become indestructible.

You won’t have to spend any gold on repair costs if you put the Spaulders of Zakara into Kanai’s Cube and then select it.  Or, you could equip the Spaulders of Zakara and get the same effect.  The advantage of putting it into the Cube is that it makes your items indestructible and lets you equip the shoulders that go with your set.

I decided to craft a Flawless Royal Emerald.  The Emerald gems are good to put into weapons that have sockets. Emeralds increase your Critical Hit Damage.

How to Craft a Flawless Royal Gem:

imperial-emeralds3 Marquise Emeralds make one Imperial Emerald – 200,000 gold each

flawless-imperial-emeralds 3 Imperial Emeralds make one Flawless Imperial Emerald – 300,000 gold each

royal-emeralds3 Flawless Imperial Emeralds make one Royal Emerald.  It costs 400,000 gold and 1 Death’s Breath each

flawless-royal-emeralds3 Royal Emeralds make one Flawless Royal Emerald.  It costs 500,000 gold and 1 Death’s Breath each

convesion-incursion-champion-season-7Conversion Incursion: Convert a set item with Kanai’s Cube.


How to convert a set item:

First, pick a green set item that you don’t happen to need.  I chose Natalya’s Slayer (which is a weapon) because I had two of them.

I put Natalya’s Slayer, Forgotten Souls, and Death’s Breath into my bag and and walked over to Kanai’s Cube. (Note: I tend to grab ALL of the items I need first, and then put in the right amount after I open the cube.)

skill-of-nilfurOpen Kanai’s Cube and select the Skill of Nilfur recipe.  (It is on page 4.)  The Skill of Nilfur recipe will convert a set item.

It requires one set item, 10 Death’s Breaths, and 10 Forgotten Souls.  Put everything into Kanai’s Cube, and hit the “Transmute” button.

converted-to-natalyas-sightKanai’s Cube converted the Natalya’s Slayer weapon into the Natalya’s Sight helmet.

One of the other objectives in Champion was to complete a Greater Rift 40 solo.  The highest I managed to complete was Greater Rift 33 solo.

greater-rift-33-solo-season-7Towards the end of Season 7, I was switching off between the Greater Rift 40 objective and the objective that required players to master a Set Dungeon.

When the Season started, I was unaware that the Unhallowed Essence Set Dungeon was the hardest one (out of the Demon Hunter Set Dungeons).  I probably should have tried to collect all of the pieces of another Demon Hunter set and then attempted to master an easier Set Dungeon.

Instead, I stubbornly keep trying to master the Unhallowed Essence Set Dungeon. Along the way, I made a bunch of changes in order to try and improve my chance of mastering this difficult Set Dungeon.  Here’s a list of what I remember changing:

* I got rid of my Follower.  Originally, I thought having a Follower with me would help me kill the required number of monsters before the time ran out.  The Follower did provide some help – but also got in my way when I was trying to hit 20 monsters with one Multishot.

* I got rid of my Familiar.  The moment I realized that my Demon Hunter could have a wolf accompany her – I selected that skill (and rune).  As with the Follower, I thought the wolf would help me kill the required number of monsters before the time ran out.  Unfortunately, the wolf was getting in the way of my attempts to hit 20 monsters with one Multishot.

* I removed I ring that had Haunt on it.  Somehow, I thought it as my Follower’s ring that had Haunt.  It turned out to be one of my Demon Hunter’s rings that had Haunt.  Haunt was not ideal for the Unhallowed Essence Set Dungeon. It was strong enough to kill some of the little spiders before I could hit them with Multishot. I ended up replacing that ring with a Ring of Convection that had a socket (which I stupidly put an Emerald into).

* I put the highest Emerald I could get the Jeweler to craft into the Natalya’s Slayer crossbow my Demon Hunter was using. Emerald gems, that are put into a weapon’s socket, increase the player’s critical hit damage.

* I shuffled around all of my Paragon points in the hopes I would find the perfect combination that would give me enough power to kill off the required number of monsters before the time ran out. When that didn’t work, I shuffled around the Paragon points again. By the time the Season ended, I still wasn’t sure if I was utilizing my Paragon points in the most effective way possible.

* I took the Emerald out of the Ring of Convection and replaced that with a Legendary Gem. (I cannot remember which one it was, but I think it might have been pink. The description made me think it might give my Demon Hunter more power.)

* I replaced the quiver I was using with a second crossbow. It wasn’t a second Natalya’s Slayer (because I stupidly put that one into Kanai’s Cube to finish another objective in Champion.) The reason I had been using the quiver was that it gave my wolf more power. When I stopped using the wolf, I no longer had any reason to continue to use the quiver. The second crossbow was a Legendary – Lianna’s Wings.

* I put the Emerald that I took out of my Ring of Convection and put it into the Lianna’s Wings second crossbow – figuring that increasing my chance of getting critical hit damage might help me kill monsters faster.

* I realized that the Lianna’s Wings crossbow causing my Demon Hunter to Vault backwards after I hit a few enemies. So, I removed the Vault skill and replaced it with… some other skill that I cannot remember right now.

And after all that… I still wasn’t able to master the Unhallowed Essence Set Dungeon.  My best attempt was still too slow.


unhallowed-essence-set-dungeon-mastery-attempt-season-7When I started Season 7,  I intended to try and complete as many Seasonal Achievements as possible.  I managed to complete some of them, and then lost interest as the Season when on.  There wasn’t enough time for me to focus on Greater Rifts and mastering the Set Dungeon and the Seasonal Achievements – so I gave up on the Seasonal Achievements.

season-achivement-points-season-7Overall, I’m happy with how much I accomplished in Season 7.  I completed Slayer for the first time ever – and had time to work on a little bit of the Champion objectives.  I tried my best to master a Set Dungeon – and feel like I almost had it.  I also managed to complete a Greater Rift 33 solo (which I think is my highest Greater Rift so far).

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