Right now, players of Diablo III can get some goodies that are related to the Heroes of the Storm game. These items are intended to encourage people to give both Diablo III and Heroes of the Storm a try. If you are already playing both games, then these “freebies” are going to be extremely easy for you to obtain.

Most of the crossover items are cosmetic in nature – which means they won’t provide any special benefit that makes your character stronger (or gives your character any other advantage). There is one exception, and that offer is on a time limit.  To be eligible for these freebies, you need to have Diablo III on a PC or Mac.  The offer does not extend to those who are playing Diablo III on consoles.

Right now, any player who owns Diablo III on PC or Mac will permanently receive the Diablo Hero in the Heroes of the Storm game. Log into Diablo III. Then, log into Heroes of the Storm. You should end up with a free Diablo Hero.

In other words, you won’t have to spend gold or real-world money in order to get the Diablo Hero.  Personally, I already had the Diablo Hero, and I find him fun to play.  (He’s good for smashing stuff, and says amusing things from time to time).  If you would like to get your very own free Diablo Hero, you need to go get him before 10:00 a.m. PDT on September 8, 2015.  This offer is on a time limit.

After you obtain Diablo in Heroes of the Storm, you might want to use him to get your Player Level to level 12.  Technically, it doesn’t matter what Heroes of the Storm Hero you decide to use.  Mix it up, or stick with a favorite.  The goal is to get to Player Level 12.  Doing so unlocks two freebies in Diablo III.

At the time I put together this blog, I was at Player Level 13.  This qualified me for the Diablo III crossover freebies.  I have no idea how long it took me to reach Player Level 13 because I didn’t keep track.  What I can say is that I am an extremely casual player.  Keep playing, and you will hit Player Level 13 eventually.

To access the freebies, you need to bring one of your Diablo III characters – it doesn’t really matter which one – to the Wardrobe. It will be located near Myriam the Mystic. It doesn’t matter what Act you happen to end up in when you use the Wardrobe.

I chose McGlynn, my Crusader. I’d used this character throughout Season 3. In the screenshot above, she has a banner that has nothing at all to do with the Heroes of the Storm/Diablo III crossover items.

Click on the Wardrobe and select the “Portrait Frames” tab. This will bring up all of the portrait frames that you own. The Heroes of the Storm portrait frame is colorful and stands out from the rest.

Select it, and it will show you how your Portrait will look with the Heroes of the Storm portrait frame. The “flavor text” for this item says: You have weathered many Storms in your time as a Hero.

You are going to need to click the “Equip” button if you want to use this new, shiny, portrait frame.

Here is what the Storm portrait looks like. It adds a burst of color to the side of your screen!

To equip the Heroes of the Storm Pennant, you need to use the Wardrobe. Select the tab that says “Pennants”. It will show all of the pennants that you currently have. The flavor text on the Heroes of the Storm Pennant says: You are a hero. Of the Storm.

Here is a closeup of how the Heroes of the Storm pennant looks. You will need to click the “Equip” button if you want to use it.

The above screenshots show a side view and front view of how the Heroes of the Storm pennant looks on a Diablo III character in-game.

Once you’ve unlocked and equipped the Heroes of the Storm crossover items, your Diablo III character will look something like mine does.

There is one more Heroes of the Storm/ Diablo III crossover item that players can obtain. It is not yet accessible at the time that I am writing this blog. It will become obtainable after Season 4 in Diablo III begins. (Season 4 starts on August 28, 2015). The freebie is called Malthael’s Phantom Mount. It is a mount that can be used in Heroes of the Storm.

I borrowed the above image from Battle.net blog. To get this mount, a player has to create a Seasonal character in Diablo III after Season 4 begins. The player must then reach Level 70 with that Seasonal Hero. It does not matter if you choose to create a softcore or hardcore Seasonal Hero. (It also doesn’t matter what class you choose to play).

After you do that, log into Heroes of the Storm. You should be able to select Malthael’s Phantom Mount from your collection of Heroes of the Storm Mounts. I think the Mount looks cool, and I always strive to get my Seasonal character to Level 70. I will update this blog after I get the Mount.

UPDATE: I almost forgot to mention that there is a Diablo III Achievement connected to some of the crossover stuff.

Through The Nexus: Enter the Nexus

This is the Achievement that unlocks that Heroes of the Storm Portrait and Pennant. You should see the Achievement pop up when you log into Diablo III. It can be found in your Career Achievements under the “Feats of Strength” tab.

UPDATE: I got one of my Seasonal characters to Level 70 during Season 4 of Diablo III. This unlocked the Malthael’s Phantom Mount crossover item.

Here is my hardcore Season 4 Barbarian, Zena. As you can see, she hit Level 70 (and has 4 Paragon points).

I got this in-game email in Diablo III letting me know that I’d unlocked the HOTS mount. It says: Congratulations! Your skill in Diablo has unlocked a new mount in Heroes of the Storm! Malthael’s Phantom!

When I logged in to Heroes of the Storm, I was notified by this pop-up that I had unlocked the mount. It says: Malthael’s Phantom UNLOCKED – Congratulations on reaching level 70 in a Diablo III season. Now that you’ve conquered the Angel of Death, why not ride his horse? It’s not like he can stop you.

Make sure that you select Malthael’s Phantom before you start a match. If you don’t, the game will have your Hero using whatever mount you were using before.

Here are a few different views of Malthael’s Phantom Mount. I think the armor looks cool! This mount is a nice little gift for those who get a Seasonal character to Level 70 in Diablo III.

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