Several yellow flowers are scattered across this coloring sheet. They are growing from vines that have sprouted green leaves. At the bottom of this coloring sheet is a watering can and a key.

I am slowly working my way through the pages of the 2018 Johanna Basford Coloring Calendar. A friend of mine gave it to me as a Christmas gift, and I’m really enjoying it. At some point, I got too busy to keep up with the coloring and failed to post the months that I managed to color.

I decided to seek out the May 2018 coloring pages and post them here.

A tree is in the center of the coloring page. An owl sits in the tree. The tree's branches have green and yellow leaves growing on them. The ground is orange, and a variety of plants are growing upwards.

May 1

A bird feeder on a tall post is in the center of the coloring page. A red bird, that is stand on a branch that has leaves on it, looks at the feeder. A variety of flowers are growing at the bottom of the page. There appears to be a lot of pollen in the air.

May 2

Three plants are growing from large, colorful pots of different shapes. A crate stands off to the side, with small pots of succulents on top. A tree with green leaves and purple fruit is on the opposite side, with a small trowel stuck in the ground nearby. A butterfly flies toward the plants.

May 3

A large owl is in the center of this coloring page. The owl two shades of brown, with some yellow and light brown feathers. The owl sits on a branch that is surrounded by leaves in a variety of shapes.

May 4

Brightly colored flowers are on the side of this coloring sheet. Some are yellow and orange, and others are pink. Many green leaves fill the rest of the space.

May 5 and 6

This coloring page is filled with brightly flowers in pink, yellow, orange, and blue. Several plants with green and yellow leaves are mixed in with the flowers.

May 7

A winding river flows through this coloring page. Orange fish swim through it and off to the side. A duck swims in the bottom part of the river, and a frog jumps into the top of it. There are a variety of plants around the river. At the bottom are some grey and brown rocks.

May 8

A tree stump of various shades of brown. The stump has a window carved into it and a door towards the bottom of the stump. Two mushrooms with red tops and white spots grow out of the top of the stump. A collection of light orange mushrooms grows nearby the ones with the red tops. A small latter leaves from the group to the flat top of the stump. A small branch has a green bug on it. The branch has green leaves growing, and a lantern with a lit candle hanging from it.

May 9

A boat with many gray sails is moving through an impossible span of water. A dolphin jumps through the waves in front of the boat. Under the water, there are many strangely rounded jellyfish-like creatures with bright colors. A sea turtle swims towards smaller ones that it might consider to be food.

May 10

An owl sits on a skinny branch in the center of this coloring page. The owl is dark brown in places, with orange and yellow feathers. Off to the sides of the owl are curling tree branches, with large and small leaves growing from them.

May 11

The majority of this coloring page is filled by a series of circles. In the center is a wooden ship wheel, surrounded by brightly colored fish and some anchors that are connected to a chain. Compass points are around the edge of that circle. Another circle, with anchors and sea shells, goes around the previous circles. A variety of plants and colorful rocks make up the rest of the coloring page.

May 12 and 13

Many leaves, of light and dark green, and of different shapes, take up a large part of this coloring sheet. An owl looks out at the viewer from behind some large leaves. Two sunflowers are below the owl.

May 14

A large, multicolored butterfly flies toward a colorful flower with rows of small petals. Several smaller flowers, of different colors, sizes, and shapes fill the bottom of the coloring page. A vine is curving around the butterfly and is growing small leaves and a few flowers.

May 15

This coloring sheet is symmetrical. It includes plants and vines, and a variety of different colored fish. It resembles an underwater scene.

May 16

A red dragon with pink scales and wings, stands on some flames. The dragon is holding onto a tree branch with it's front paws. It looks behind itself at smaller tree branches that have green leaves on them. Half of a metal sword with brown leather on the hilt is on the right hand side of the coloring sheet.

May 17

Large sunflowers in orange, yellow, and brown, are the biggest flowers in this coloring sheet. They are surrounded by tree leaves of various sizes. Large blue leaves gather towards the bottom of the page, along with some small bright orange leaves that have blue dots on them.

May 18

A fuzzy creature that resembles a lemur has a bright orange baby on its back. Both look out at the viewer. The lemurs are on a tree branch that is obscured by green leaves. Large leaves of various colors are above the and behind the lemurs.

May 19 and 20

A collection of yellow daisy-like flowers are growing from curling vines that have green leaves. There is a watering can and a key near the bottom of this coloring page.

May 21

A watering can hangs from a vine that has leaves and flowers growing from it. The watering can sprinkles water on the flower that are below it. A small tree in an orange pot is at the bottom right hand corner of the coloring sheet. Above it are more large orange flowers and green leaves. On the left side there is a basket of small pink flowers that is suspended from a round curling branch. A ladybug is near the branch

May 22

Large colorful crabs are crawling through this coloring sheet. Two are orange and red. Two more are various shades of green. Two are blue and orange. One crab is yellow with red accents.

May 23

A brightly colored toucan sits on a small branch that has sprouted small green leaves. The rest of the coloring sheet is a mixture of very large leaves of a variety of colors, along with some brightly colored flowers and leaves

May 24

A somewhat blurry coloring sheet features an undersea scene. There are two red fish swimming around a collection of circular creatures that are in a group. There are leaves and vines that are growing out of the circular creatures.

May 25

This coloring sheet looks like a garden. On the right hand lower corner are three mushrooms, one much larger than the other two. The largest one has a caterpillar crawling on it. Grass and ferns grow upward. A snail slowly scales a decorated rock. A large plant in the middle of the page has green leaves and red flowers that are closed and pointing downward. A skinny young tree is in the corner of the left hand side at the top. A spider has woven between that tree and some vines.

May 26 and 27

A collection of round, colorful, shapes is overlapping each other. It isn't clear what they are supposed to be. There are a few skinny green vines growing from somewhere beneath the round things.

May 28

A door with a carved window and hinges is at the lower part of this coloring sheet. There does not appear to be any house or other structure for the door to attach to. A mixture of colorful vines grows up from behind the door. There is also a tall plant with leaves that are yellow and green. Weed-like flowers are on the left hand side if this image.

May 29

This coloring page looks like someone pressed some flowers and leaves into a book. The flowers and leaves have been sorted and placed in a row.

May 30

Bright orange and yellow flowers are at the bottom of this coloring page. Above it are two varieties of large, green leaves. Blue flowers with leaves resembling the leaves below them are at the left hand side. Smaller flowers and leaves are above them. On the left hand side there are some pink flowers with red accents and a yellow center. Parts of an orange flower, traced in red, and a yellow leaf, traced in green, are at the top left hand corner

May 31

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